The London Film School produces over 180 films each year, and with festival season in full swing, here are some of the LFS festival appearances from around the world.

Atlanta Film Festival 

The Atlanta Film Festival (March 24th - April 2nd) is one of only two-dozen Academy Award qualifying festivals in the U.S. and is now its fourth decade. Welcoming an audience of nearly 25,000 to discover hundreds of new independent, international, animated, documentary and short films, the festival screenings often include in person dialog with filmmakers, providing audiences and industry professionals alike with meaningful opportunities to network, interact and engage. If you’re thinking of attending, click here to view this year’s lineup of films and documentaries before applying for a ‘badge’, which range from $75-750. 

IN THE HILLS, a short film from LFS graduate Hamid Ahmadi (Director, Writer and Editor), will soon be adding the Atlanta Film Festival to its long list of festival appearances.  Having screened at the Hamptons International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Winterhur, the Cannes Cinéfondation and the Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels, IN THE HILLS tells the tale of a young immigrant, Shahram, who lives in the idyllic yet isolated countryside of the Cotswolds in England, chooses unconventional means in an attempt to seek human connection and integrate into the new society. 

Photo Credit: Nicholas Nazari

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Berlin Student Film Festival 2017/Bafta Fest 

The aim of the Berlin Student Film Festival (BSFF), taking place on 22nd March, is to inspire and encourage emerging filmmakers through a constructive and professional festival, showcasing their work to prestigious industry leaders, creating career opportunities. 

The BSFF believe that filmmaking is about sharing stories and this is the main drive behind their desire to give students around the world an international forum for their voice and the chance to develop their professional network beyond their campus.

A full listing of events and screening throughout the festival can be found here, along with details on how to book a ticket, complete with complimentary wine or beer.


Recently selected as a semi-finalist at the BSFF, NEST is the story of a dysfunctional marriage in which the wife has the head of a bird, and the husband’s efforts to get closer to her by becoming more bird-like himself.

Photo Credit: Juan Balcazar

Screentest National Student Film festival 2017 


Screentest was founded in 2004 in Bristol, but relocated to London in 2011.  Held annually over a weekend in spring, the festival features a programme of not only over 100 student-made short films but also talks, workshops and bespoke screening from a range of film industry organiotns, including BAFTA and The BFI.  No less than three London Film School shorts walked away as winners from this year’s Screentest Festival.

GOOD LUCK MARC: Ronan Eldar’s GOOD LUCK MARC is a film about a man who wins a running race and whose prize is an amazing and strange apartment.  Everything is provided, from food to comfort.  He loves it there and never leaves.  A few months in, he begins to notice something odd - the apartment is shrinking.  

Photo Credit: Victoria Romero

GOOD LUCK MARC’s appearance at the festival, after screenings at the London Lift Off Festival and Flatpack 2017, accompanied four nominations, including Best Script, Best Comedy and Best Production Design, and winning the coveted Best Film Award in the process.


As mentioned earlier this month, Mark Kuczewski’s HAPPY ANNIVERSARY also screened at the Screentest. Telling the story of Jerermy, who decides to rekindle his love with his undead bride one year on from an unforgettable wedding day, the comedy zombie film picked up the Best Horror Award at this year’s Screentest.

Photo Credit: Thomas Rowe

For his graduation film, Kuczewski assembled an experienced team which included the likes of Julian Smith as both Producer and Editor, Thomas Rowe as Cinematographer, and Nia Fausset as Production Designer.  Kuczewski also managed to stay true to the 80s film genre, securing the 80s classic (I JUST) DIED IN YOUR ARMS by the Cutting Crew as the film’s soundtrack.  


Justin Spray’s film is about Madeleine, who has a craving for children’s teeth. She creeps into their bedrooms at night to collect them. One night she is nearly caught, leading her to explore a new world and question who she is.  While the film’s nomination in the best Fantasy/Sci Fi category proved not to be fruitful, TOOTH FAIRY’s accompanying soundtrack earned it a win in the Best Score category.

Photo Credit: Yiannis Manolopoulos