Cinematography is the dynamic process of capturing a vision on film. For the cinematographer, this is a synthesis of their aesthetic sensibility and technical skill.

At LFS, we teach on both photochemical and digital formats and in each term of the MA Filmmaking programme, we enable all students to take on the role of Director of Photography or Camera Operator for their film. We start by teaching the relevant theory, but most of the classes involve practical, hands-on learning of camera skills, lighting and composition: both practice and technique. These skills are combined with the working ethos of a professional crew, and from this platform we encourage cinematography as a visual means of story telling. A key element in the learning process is the critical analysis of all rushes.

Our film cameras are 16mm Aatons and 35mm Moviecam Super Americas. Documentaries are shot on an HD format camera and our digital cinema camera for drama is the Arri Alexa. While all terms shoot on location, LFS has 2 in-house studios, each equipped with lighting rigs; Fresnel, HMI and Kinoflo lamps; and Fisher dollies for the Term 4 and 5 films.
During their time at the school, those students interested in becoming cinematographers will find many opportunities to explore and experiment further with their own cinematographic sensibilities.

Head of Cinematography - Harriet Cox

Harriet joined the film industry in 1982 and worked on a wide range of features, commercials, promos and documentaries. Her feature credits include operating on the Terence Davies features Distant Voices Still Lives and The Long Day Closes. She completed an MA in Independent Film and joined LFS in May 2001.


Deputy Head of Cinematography - Terry Hopkins
Senior Lecturer - Andrew Speller
Camera Equipment Supervisor - Carlo Muzi
Stage Supervisor and Gaffer - Ronaldo Fagarazzi

The Department teaching staff are industry professionals, who are supported by regular visiting DoP’s, Q&A events with leading cinematographers, and a visiting DoP residency scheme, bringing working professionals into a close engagement with the day–to-day teaching at the school. Recent visiting lecturers, speakers and "DoPs in Residence" include Oliver Stapleton, Seamus McGarvey, Oliver Curtis, Nina Kellgren, Nic Knowland and Sue Gibson.
LFS has an extraordinary record of camera teaching since 1956 and its Cinematography graduates include Roger Pratt, Tak Fujimoto, Howard Atherton, Ivan Strasburg, Tony Imi, Gale Tattersall, Ian Wilson, Curtis Clark, Ueli Steiger, Geoffrey Simpson, David Scott, Erik Wilson and Ole Bratt Birkeland. Many Alumni regularly visit the school to advise, teach, and give Q&A events.