The Editing Department aims to give every student on the MA Filmmaking program a thorough understanding of the aesthetics and technical principles of the craft.

The basic foundation of Editing is taught to all MA filmmaking students through practical exercises, which reflect the current professional industry standard for 16 mm, 35 mm and HD workflows and are founded on the principle of filmmaking as an art and a profession. Great emphasis is given to visual storytelling and in the use of all elements of story, performance, cinematography, frame composition, sound, and design to serve the narrative and the director’s vision.

The professional relationship with the director is an essential part of their work and it is developed from the beginning, through the Editor’s participation to the project at the development stage.

As part of their film making education students develop initiative, discipline and communication as the core values in order to successfully collaborate with other departments and technicians involved in the making of a film.

Editing Suite

The School has non-linear editing systems running Avid Media Composer. Some systems are also equipped with Final Cut Pro. The analogue film room is equipped to handle 35mm and 16mm film formats.

Head of Editing - Jaime Estrada-Torres

Jaime started as an assistant film editor with David Naden Associates in London’s Soho, gaining his 16mm experience on a number of documentaries for the BBC, ITV and the then emerging Channel 4. He worked as 2nd Assistant Editor on Tim Burton’s Batman, Assembly Editor on Mike Figgis’s Hotel, On-Line Editor for Werner Herzog’s Pilgrimage; Picture and Sound editor on Biggie & Tupac directed by Nick Broomfield, winner of the 2004 Grierson Best Feature Documentary Award. Jaime was Avid consultant for Stanley Kubrick on Eyes Wide Shut, George Lucas on the Star Wars Trilogy, James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and The HBO series Band of Brothers produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Senior Editing Lecturer - - Peter Hollywood

Sean BartonNigel Galt, Catherine Creed, Jamie Dickinson, Joan Leese (VET), Lucy Harris, Martin Bennet (Digital Images, representing Nucoda), Kevin ShawMartin Brinkler, Allessandro Doglione, Barry Vince, Paul Carlin, Mick Audsley