Production design

"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible" Oscar Wilde (quoted in Patrick Keiller's film LONDON)

Anything is possible. Production Design creates the mood, atmosphere and context of a film through the expressive use of space, objects, forms and colour. The Production Designer interprets the written word for the screen, bringing all the visual elements together to create a story world. Ideas, imagination and ambition are pre-requisites.

Students design films involving set builds on the School’s sound stages. All units develop and execute Production Design concepts for each script in production. The Department teaches all aspects of Production Design for both 35mm colour and Digital formats. These include classes in model making, composition and colour, set dressing and drawing.

Students learn how to develop a visual concept and to realize it into cinematic reality. Drawing, model making and computer imaging techniques are taught using the scripted material that students generate. The programme accommodates a wide range of genres and story worlds. Students have created settings for their films that have included a forest, an American trailer interior, an Indian train carriage interior hurtling across a far landscape, a hospital ward, a hunters lodge in 19th century Missouri, an underground bomb making factory, a spy’s den….. through to domestic settings contemporary, future and period.

Head of Production Design - Diana Charnley

Diana's feature film credits for Production Design and Art Direction range from both contemporary and period drama and include High Hopes, Defence of the Realm, Clockwise, The Dawning, Plenty. Her experience includes the design and art direction of many commercials and television dramas with directors including Richard Eyre and Mike Leigh. She was Head of Production Design and Art Direction at the National Film and Television School and Fine Art Projects officer at the Royal College of Art. Published work includes: Production Design as Process in Cinema and Architecture BFI 1998. She has lectured at Cambridge University.

Eve Stewart (Les Misérables, Vera Drake, Kings Speech) Alan MacDonald (The Queen, Love is the Devil), David McHenry (Jackboots on Whitehall), Jamie Leonard (Mona Lisa, Made In Britain), Paul Kirby (Greenzone, Fifth Element), Max Gottlieb (The Full Monty), Alice Normington (Nowhere Boy, Miranda), Jim Clay (Children of Men, Love Actually)
Costume Design: Annie Symons (Great Expectations, Saving Grace)
Construction: Jeff Woodbridge
Titles: Chris Allies