Course overview

An Introduction to the MA Filmmaking course.

The MA Filmmaking Course is an intense two-year programme, accredited by Creative Skillset, in which the full range of film-making skills are taught at professional levels. Entry is in January, April or September.

Learning is based around short films. Each term these film exercises become more technically sophisticated, more considered and more complex in their ambitions. The School specifies the skill base for each exercise, provides the equipment and trains the students up to the new levels in each of the various craft skills. Students take all the aesthetic decisions, solving problems similar to those faced by professional units, on a steeply increasing slope of difficulty. Their work is constantly assessed and criticised. Students themselves are required to reflect on and assess their own learning in Work and Research Journals.

This is the centre of the LFS method. Students learn best by applying themselves to aesthetic and practical problems generated by the actual process of filmmaking. This way new skills become meaningful and integrated into an increasing repertoire. Against a background of practice, lectures and classes become vivid and full of recognisable content.

This is why we push through so many productions, and why students have more opportunities to work on films than they can realistically take up.

A Competitive Edge

All students learn all the important film-making skills, and must practise them in a working unit. There is no film career which is not greatly enriched by an active practical knowledge of the other specialisations. This makes an LFS graduate stand out from colleagues with a single specialisation, at any level. On the one hand, students with a primarily technical bent find insights into their work through an understanding of the more interpretive practices, and very often find an unexpected potential and self-confidence as writers or directors. On the other hand, producers’, writers’ and directors’ range and sense of the possibilities of their art is immeasurably increased by a serious technical competence.

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