US Federal Student Aid: Consumer Information

Financial Assistance Available to Students

The London Film School publishes information about financial assistance available to current and prospective students on its website.

This includes information on:

  • Availability of loans
  • Eligibility
  • Loan Limits
  • Application Process

Prospective or current students who require assistance with regard to US Federal Student Aid should contact us on

Programmes, Cost, Accreditation, Facilities and Policies

Academic Programmes

The programmes offered by The London Film School and covered by the Direct Student Loan Program are:

Please note: current U.S. regulations prevent students in receipt of U.S. Federal Student Aid from completing any part of their course or coursework, including films, back in the U.S.


Tuition fees for the aforementioned programmes are set in line with the LFS Tuition Fees Policy and published on the LFS website.

Information on Cost of Attendance is available on the LFS website here.

Accreditation, Validation and Quality Assurance

The London Film School is included on the Department for Education's Register of Listed Bodies. This means that whilst we don't award degrees ourselves, students are awarded a degree from a recognised body upon successful completion of the course.

The London Film School has undergone an educational oversight monitoring visit by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). More information can be found on the 'Quality Assurance' page on our website.

The London Film School has validation agreements in place with the University of Warwick and London Metropolitan University (MA Filmmaking and MA Screenwriting). A partnership agreement is in place with the University of Exeter (MA International Film Business and PhD Film by Practice). Students enrolled on programmes in collaboration with Exeter are not eligible for Federal Student Aid via the London Film School and are advised to contact the University of Exeter for information.


The London Film School operates from two sites in Central London:

  • Shelton Street
  • Long Acre

Both premises are within walking distance.

Information for students with disabilities can be found here.


Policies are published on LFS’ Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle. This includes policies on Satisfactory Academic Progress, Return of Title IV, Deferment, Withdrawal and Student Complaints.

Selected policies are also available on the LFS website.

Copies of policies not available from the LFS website will be made available upon request (please email

Completion, Graduation, Retention and Placement Rates

Completion, graduation and retention rates are recorded and monitored on a termly basis.

Statistics for both programmes (MA Filmmaking and MA Screenwriting) are reported to various academic committees on a termly basis in the form of module logs.

Progression and graduation rates are also considered by the Board of Examiners which meets once a term.

Destinations of Graduates, including employment and further studies, are recorded annually.



MA Filmmaking

MA Screenwriting

Retention (Average)
Data: January 2016



Academic Year 2014/15



Academic Year 2014/15

Employed, including self-employed



Further study






Other (e.g. travelling, parental leave, etc.)



Campus Crime and Safety Information

The London Metropolitan Police publishes information on crime and crime rates on this website:

Another source of information on crimes reported in LFS' neighbourhood is the POLICE.UK website provided by the Home Office: 

The LFS Health and Safety Committee has oversight over health and safety arrangements at The London Film School.

Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions

Unauthorised distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorised peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject you to civil and criminal liabilities.

Upon course commencement, all students are required to sign the LFS ICT agreement which, amongst other things, covers copyright infringement.

Data Protection

The London Film School fully complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

The school measures the effectiveness of prevention by tracking the number of drug and alcohol-related disciplinary actions, treatment referrals, and incidents recorded by campus staff or other law enforcement officials.

If required, offences are dealt with under the Disciplinary Code.

Loan Counselling

Oversight over all loan counselling in relation to US Federal Student Aid rests with the Academic Registrar. is a useful tool and source of information for students interested in and in receipt of Federal Student Aid.

This includes tools to complete:


Private Education Loans

The Preferred Lending List for Private Loans is the complete list of all lenders who will lend to American student who are studying outside the USA where there are no costs or liabilities to the school. Currently the list consists only of Sallie Mae. The list is reviewed annually in May.

If any student finds another lender who will lend to American student who are studying outside the USA where there are no costs or liabilities to the school, then the school will consider the lender for inclusion on the list of lenders.

In the event of Private Education Loans, the school will disclose attendance, addresses and Cost of Attendance as requested by the lender and agreed by the student with that lender.

The school administers all Education Loans according to the Code of Conduct specified by the lender.

Textbook Information

The London Film School issues lists of recommended reading; there are no required book purchases.


All information relating to Health and health care is available from the LFS Virtual Learning Environment. The information will be made available for prospective students upon request.