A Practical Introduction to Location Sound: Recording & Mixing

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A Practical Introduction to Location Sound: Recording & Mixing

Sat, 8 Jul 2017 to Sun, 9 Jul 2017

Duration: 2 days
Times: 10.30am-5.30pm
Capacity: Max. 12 participants
Fee: £360  Fee includes all equipment hire. 10% Early Bird discount available until 1st May.

Recording quality sound when shooting on location is essential if time, money and hassle are to be saved in post production. It is therefore an area which cannot be compromised. This intensive weekend workshop is designed to introduce filmmakers to the fundamental techniques for recording and mixing sound for film, television, documentary and video.

Aimed at those who feel they would benefit from a theoretical and practical grounding in location sound techniques, participants will be taught how to achieve the most professional results using the equipment most widely-used in the industry today.

The workshop will cover the following areas:

  • What is sound? How does it behave in interior vs. exterior environments?
  • Understanding the recording chain for sound recording on HDV and film: Equipment; Calibration.
  • Types of microphones: For different genres; Radio Mics; Directional Mics; Stereo recording. Participants will handle the Schoeps MK5, Senneheiser 416, and the Radio Mic 2020.
  • Planning sound recording in a shoot: Considering locations; Equipment (including the Nagra Hardisk recorder); Sound kit.
  • Sound Recording: Recording techniques; Boom operating; Recording to camera; Noise; Protocol.
  • Practical recording and listening exercises: Indoors; Outdoors; Troubleshooting.

Tutor profile: Joel Cahen, Sound Recordist

Joel Cahen is an experienced location sound recordist who also works in post-production. He has worked on a variety of recent film productions, as well as sound for different media. As creative director for Newtoy, he also organizes unique art events such as the destructivist Scrap Club and the touring underwater sound gallery Wet Sounds.