Directors' Prep: Everything You Need to Know Before You Shout ‘Action!’

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Directors' Prep: Everything You Need to Know Before You Shout ‘Action!’

Sat, 28 Apr 2018 to Sun, 29 Apr 2018

Duration: 2 days
Times: 10.30am-5.30pm
Capacity: Approx. 15-20 participants
Fee: £250 10% Early Bird discount available until 28th Jan 2018.
Fee includes a free copy of the book 'The Film Director Prepares' by Jonas Grimas.

This workshop is for filmmakers intent on making an entry into directing or producing TV drama. It describes the process of preparation for production, and applies equally to preparation for directing or producing a low-budget feature film.

Introduction by Jonas Grimås:

“I have worked as a director for 25 years making films for the cinema, television dramas and documentaries, both in the UK and in Sweden. I realised very early on in my career that a film is made in the preparatory stages of a production.

Naturally, I have come to refine my work during pre-production over the years.

No two projects are the same; the problems and challenges are different, sometimes unique. But as a director, there is a series of steps you go through each time you set out to tell a story through a visual medium, and each step involves a number of other people necessary for the realisation of your film.

The course will take a very practical approach; participants will study a screenplay that has already been produced for television and we will work our way through each step, as outlined below. We’ll conclude by watching the finished film and asking could have been done differently or better." 

"The way Jonas Grimås teaches makes it clear that you could not have acquired the information otherwise... Looking back, his course was like a mosaic that brought together every piece that I had understood from previous film work and education - and made it make sense." Katharina List, 'Directors' Prep' participant Jan 2014. Read full testimonial. 

Day One

The script for a 45 minute television drama will be distributed. Participants will be asked to spend some time studying it individually.

The following issues will then be addressed as a group:

1. The Project

  • Should I pick this project or not?
  • How to balance money / career / personal interest.

2. The Producer

  • How to create a working relationship with the Producer.
  • Is it a marriage made in heaven, or hell – or indifference?

3. The Script

  • How to read the script.
  • Working out the narrative perspective.
  • Set pieces.

Lunch break

4. Forming your Vision

  • “The honeymoon period” – Making the film in your mind.
  • How to research.
  • Working out the money/time equation.

5. Working with the Writer and/or Script Editor

  • The five point rule: Character; Action; Story; Plot; Script.
  • How does the re-writing process work?
  • The three key words: Vision; Integrity; Respect.

6. Heads of Departments

  • The process of putting together a crew.
  • Sometimes, rarely, you have free choice of crew members. Sometimes you have none. How to identify your vital allies you need, to make a crew your own.

7. Locations

  • Plotting and picking your locations.
  • Studio & Location – the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Working with a Location Manager.

8. Round-up and question time.

The group will be asked to contemplate the following question overnight: What is this script really about, beyond the story? Responses to be discussed at the start of day two.

Jonas workshop participants

Day Two

Day two will start with a discussion: What is this script really about, beyond the story?

9. Planning your shots

  • Why do you plan them? 
  • Floorplans, shotlists or storyboard? 
  • Making use of digital tools.

10. Casting

  • Preparing with a casting director.
  • How to conduct a casting session.
  • What to look for in your cast.

11. The Technical Recce

  • Who is this for, and how can you make the most of it?

Lunch break

12. The read-through

  • How to prepare.
  • Do’s and don’ts for the read-through itself.

The workshop will conclude with a screening of the finished film, followed by discussion and general question time.

The Film Director Prepares by Jonas Grimas - Book cover

Now available! 'The Film Director Prepares' a 147-page book written by Jonas Grimås based on his workshop at LFS. Order a copy via this link.

Books cost £10 per copy, plus postage (£2 UK, £5 Europe, £7 most other countries). Postage costs will be confirmed before you submit payment.

Partcipants attending this workshop will receive a free copy on arrival!






Tutor profile: Jonas Grimås, Director

Named Cultural Personality of the Year 2011 by The StockholmsKultur Foundation, Jonas is a Swedish film director living in London since 1988, educated at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm 1984-87 and the Royal College of Art, London.

Jonas won the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with ARTISTEN (The Artist). He was also nominated for best short film with MAROONED.

He has made a name for himself making British crime dramas having directed episodes of HAMISH MACBETH with Robert Carlyle, SILENT WITNESS and SECOND SIGHT: KINGDOM OF THE BLIND starring Clive Owen, HOPE & GLORY with Lenny Henry and THE HELLO GIRLS for BBC. He was also a regular contributor to ITV’s HEARTBEAT having directed thirty episodes.

Still based in London, Jonas has taken on Swedish projects directing two WALLANDER films: THE TRICKSTERS and THE PHOTOGRAPHER, RADIO SHADOW, THE COMMISSION for SVT plus the high profile job of turning Camilla Läckberg best-selling novels ISPRINSESSAN (The Ice Princess) and PREDIKANTEN (The Preacher) into television.

Have recently completed MIKE THE MIDWIFE, a comedy pilot for Channel Four, a string of observational documentaries: 300 / FAKING IT / ELGAR'S TROMBONE / A SHOT OF GLASS / DELPHINE'S TOP / PAINTING EURYDICE / OUR SCHOOL DAYS / '100'. He has filmed the performance of MOZART PIANO CONCERT no 9, transferred the stage play LOCKED UP to the screen and since 2008 made more than sixty short films under the title MY UN-EVENTFUL LIFE.

For more information, showreel and clips visit: