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Our Directors' Package allows those who book 3 or more directing workshops to claim a 20% discount. With a guaranteed saving of over £100, there's never been a better way to come and see what we're up to at LFS!

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Wherever you find the green Directors' Package logo you'll find a tried-and-tested workshop, led by a top quality tutor - and a fantastic opportunity to save.

Topics include working with actors, working with writers, visual storytelling, character, storyboarding, pitching your film, prepping your film for production... and more!

Click on the course titles below to learn more about the workshops available. Scroll through the testimonials on the right to find out how the previous participants for these workshops fed back. And when you're ready, get all the booking information you need at the bottom of this page.

Directors' Package Workshops: 

Directors' Prep: Everything You Need to Know Before You Shout 'Action'!
This workshop is for filmmakers intent on making an entry into directing or producing TV drama. It describes the process of preparation for production, and applies equally to preparation for directing or producing a low-budget feature film.
Dates: Sat 23 & Sun 24 Sept 2017
Normal fee: £250   Package fee: £200

Story is Character: The Art of Film Storytelling
This 1-day workshop with script editor Kate Leys introduces the art and craft of storytelling for film by focusing on the heart of your story: character.
Date: Fri 29 Sep 2017
Normal fee: £125   Package fee: £100

Writing Biopics and Docudramas for Film & TV
This 2-day workshop with Alan Rosenthal is designed to show you how to write, create and produce docudramas and biopics, or reality based films for the cinema or TV.
Dates: Sat 7 & Sun 8 Oct 2017
Normal fee: £220   Package fee: £176

How to Set Up and Run a Production Company
This 1-day workshop with producer Tracey Gardiner is designed to provide a practical guide for anyone who has ever considered setting up and running their own independent production company.
Date: Fri 13 Oct 2017
Normal fee: £150   Package fee: £120

The Director/Actor Collaboration: Essential Techniques for Directors
This 2-day workshop with director Tim Fywell, will examine the director-actor relationship to the script, the character, and the shooting process and explore how the director can work with an actor to achieve a higher degree of characterisation and immediacy.
Dates: Sat 14 & Sun 15 Oct 2017
Normal fee: £420   Package fee: £336

Selling, Marketing & Distributing Film: The Process Demystified
In this intensive 2-day workshop, Oscar winning producer and marketeer Mia Bays presents an A-Z guide to the current sales marketing and distribution landscape, with advice and contacts from over 20 years in the film industry.
Dates: Fri 20 & Sat 21 Oct 2017
Normal fee: £300   Package fee: £240

Visual Storytelling: An Introduction for Directors, Writers & Producers
How do you tell a story visually? What makes a film a film, and not TV? We could say a "real" movie is one that's mostly comprehensible with the sound turned off. But where do we start? Director Josh Appignanesi takes participants shot by shot into the heart of cinema.
Dates: Sat 4 & Sun 5 Nov 2017
Normal fee: £250   Package fee: £200

Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production
Are you a Writer, Producer or Director working in television, film, advertising or gaming? Are you keen to connect with audiences? Do you want to take your work to the next level, whilst identifying fresh approaches to distribution and rollout? This 2-day workshop, led by internationally renowned story, crossmedia consultant Alison Norrington, will introduce you to the exciting possibilities that a digital strategy and experience design could bring to your projects.
Dates: Sat 11 & Sun 12 Nov 2017
Normal fee: £250   Package fee: £200

Documentary Ideas Surgery
What makes an idea for a documentary 'good'? How do you decide what information you need in your treatment? What's the best way of targeting the industry? If you have a passion to make factual programmes and ideas you’re burning to get off the ground but need help to take them to the next stage, this 1-day course is for you.
Date: Fri 17 Nov 2017
Normal fee: £150   Package fee: £120 

The Director/Writer Collaboration: From Script to Screen
Leading TV and film Director Tim Fywell takes you on the exciting and fraught journey from Script to Screen. Featuring practical writing and directing exercises, and examples of filmed projects – as they appear on the page and in their final incarnation on screen - this is a weekend course for Directors and Writers who want to up their game.
Dates: Sat 18 & Sun 19 Nov 2017
Normal fee: £250   Package fee: £200

Music Licensing in Film & TV
In this intensive 1-day workshop, leading UK Music Supervisor & Record Company Executive Ian Neil and expert industry guests explore the complexities of placing music onto film.
Date: Fri 24 Nov 2017
Normal fee: £120   Package fee: £96 

Crossplatform Story Surgery
Are you working on a script or a story for film, TV, web, or even a game, brand or event? In this 1-day surgery, led by internationally renowned story, crossmedia consultant Alison Norrington, you will receive clear and focused feedback that will help you develop your story for the digital world.
Date: Sat 9 Dec 2017
Normal fee: £150   Package fee: £120


Other workshops included in the package are listed below. They will be available to book as soon as new dates have been confirmed:

How to book your Directors' Package:

  • Go to the LFS Payment Area.
  • Add 3 or more workshops to your basket. 
  • 'View Basket' and enter the following Coupon code: directorspackage
  • 'Update Basket' and check out.
  • Start planning how to spend all the money you've saved!  

Directors' Package Rules (Terms & Conditions):

  • To qualify for the 20% discount, a minimum of 3 workshops must be booked within the same transaction.
  • This offer is restricted to the workshops listed above (e.g. it does not apply to the LFS Summer Schools, or to Udayan Prasad's and Tim Fywell's working with actors courses).
  • Places are subject to availability and are allocated on a first come first served basis until each workshop is full. Early booking is therefore advised.
  • The Directors' Package discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (e.g. Early Birds).
  • Our normal Refunds and Cancellations Policy applies.

If you have a question about the Directors' Package, please email