Head of Cinematography, Harriet Cox, to talk at BSC 2016

Harriet Cox will be talking on a panel this week, at this year's BSC Expo, entitled 'Creativity through Discipline in Digital film making'.  The panel will be "a broad discussion involving industry professionals on improving creativity through examining aesthetic and financial options in restoring discipline in digital film making".

Her fellow panelists will include LFS alum Iain Smith (Producer), as well as Ron Prince (Mediator/British Cinematographer Mag), Franz Pagot AIC (Cinematographer), and Andrew Bird (Editor).

The BSC Expo hosts a seminar programme where the British Society of Cinematographers present a series of panel discussions lead by leading Cinematographers and industry experts.

You can hear Harriet Cox speak at 14:30 this Friday 29th January, at Battersea Evolution, Battersea. The BSC Expo itself is running between 29th-30th January.