LFS Alumna short at Phoenix Film Festival

The London Film School alumna Golnaz Jamsheed's 2014 LFS film TEHRAN 1998 has been selected as one of the semi-finalists at the Phoenix Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

The Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne is interested not just in films with potential commercial success but films of artistic merit and scope and is geared to the independent filmmakers.

See the full list here: http://xww.com.au/phoenix-film-festival-melbourne-2016/semi-finalist-phoenix-film-festival-melbourne-2016

The event will take place on January 20 - 23, 2017


Shot on a 35mm Moviecam Super Americas as my term 4 project at the London Film School in 2014, after my script was voted #1. A short film of a young generation with very little freedom, hope and opportunity to pursue their dreams and to progress in life. The story takes place in Tehran in the year 1998 in the bathroom of a house. A girl faints in the company of three boys after using some unknown drug. The boys are incapable of awakening her, make a decision to avoid trouble. Right before they leave the bathroom, Komiteh forces its way into the house. People start screaming and the music stops. Two of the boys jump out of the window before Komiteh breaks down the bathroom door and arrests the third. But what becomes of the girl?

Cast: Golazin Ardestani, Amin Jalilian, Saman Bayonsa, Mohammad Heidari

Watch the short here: https://youtu.be/6Tof7aL1lsc