LFS August Round-Up: Student and Alumni News

Another busy month of festival acceptances, screenings, and awards at the London Film School! We’re enormously proud of the work and continued successes of our students and graduates! Here we have a selection of the festival acceptances, screenings, and awards they have enjoyed over the last month.  

Masha Clark's (MAF 191) graduation film Señor has now advanced to the finalist stage of the Student Academy Awards! Señor is a film about the foreignness of the people we are most familiar with. An 11-year-old girl, Dunya, lives with her parents in a small town in the North of Serbia. When Dunya decides to accompany her father on his wine delivery route, a chance encounter with her father’s old love confronts her with the mystery of who her father is and more perilously - who he used to be. Follow updates of this beautiful film here.

Congratulations to all our students & graduates whose work will feature at this year's Encounters Film Festival

Yu Lin Chung, The Angler
Daniel Guliyev, Bastard
Paisley Walsh, Birch 

Naomi Poltier-Mutal, Falling Asleep
Gunel Gadirova, Images of Absence
Christopher Manning, Isha
Anastasiia Vorotniuk, Me, My Germs, and James
Masha Clark, Señor 

Clement Cohen, Suburban Curiosity 

And congratulations to all our alumni whose work will feature at this year's Underwire Festival: 

Shira Haimovici (MAF 192), term five film excercise Artificial Bid 
Juliet Shardlow (MAF 187),  graduation film 23 Red
Jaclyn Bethany (MAS 11),  Sunday Tide
Nathalie Pitters (MAF 184), Janitor of Lunacy & Pxssy Palace

Great news out of Locarno, alumna Amanda Nell Eu's (MAF 170) debut feature project Tiger Stripes has gained a co-producer from prolific Singapore production house Akanga Film Asia. The news features on Variety Magazine's website here. Amanda’s short film Vinegar Baths will also screen at Malaysia's SeaShorts Film Festival. 

Another first feature project, Mother Tongue by LFS grad Zhannat Alshanova (MAF 186) has been selected for the Asian Project Market at the Busan International Film Festival.

Alumnus Koby Adom's (MAF 183) graduation film House Girl screened at the BFI Southbank as part of the No Direct Flight programme, a series of films exploring “how the digital world is helping to create a new generation of African global influencers.” Koby has also been featured as part of this year's 2019 Broadcastnow 'Hot Shots'.

Bitter Sea, directed by alumna Fateme Ahmadi (MAF 171), has been nominated for the Best Short Film Award by the Cinema Academy of Iran.

Emma Catalfamo's (MAF 191) grad film Kindling has been selected by the Catalina Film Festival, and the Toronto Independent Film Festival.

Franco Volpi's (MAF 187) graduation film Sol de Agosto will screen at the Firenze Film Festival, as well as the Frame Light Short Focus Film Festival where it will be joined by Guy Wilson's (MAF 187) Cry, and Benjamin Cleary (MAS 6) & TJ O'Grady-Peyton's (MAF 164) Wave at the event in Liverpool. Franco’s film has accumulated a wealth of film festival accolades and screenings globally over the past twelve months.

Adam Robinson (MAF 189) term five film exercise, Honey, is nominated for Best Student Short and Best Child/Young Actress at the ISA. Adam travelled to the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California to attend the Annual Awards. The film won Best Music at the Independent Horror Movie Awards, Best Cinematography at the CATFISH SHORTS! And Audience Award at The 4th Warwick Filmmakers Showcase.

Anne Mancosu's (MAF 191) term five film exercise At Sea will screen at the Earl's Court Film Festival in October and received a nomination for Best Narrative/Fiction Short Film at the London International Motion Picture Awards. Also screening at the Earl’s Court Film Festival will be fellow graduate Andrew Montague’s (MAF 192) term 4 film Donald.

The trailer for Chris Brake's (MAF 190) grad film Cactus Boy has launched, featured in an article for a local Arizona news outlet where the film was shot. In Chris’s own words: “'Cactus Boy’ tells the tale of Winston Prickle, a lonesome plant nursery worker with only one companion; his childhood imaginary friend. Cactus Man. When Winston makes a more human connection with the new employee at work, he finds himself pondering whether the time has come to put away childish things, and ultimately part ways with his oldest chum. The story was very much inspired by my own coming of age experience, having moved in my early twenties from the UK to Arizona on my own. Returning to the state last year to make the film was, therefore, something of a homecoming, evoking similar pangs of nostalgia to Winston’s, and transporting me back to a half-remembered place locked in time. Concretising something as abstract as nostalgia in the form of the Cactus Man proved to be a cathartic venture, giving form to the idea of having one foot in the past. Though his particular appearance is, of course, unique to Winston’s imagination, I’d like to think he’s representative of a universal rite of passage for us all; the point at which we choose to grow up.” Watch the trailer for this wonderful Practical Effects short on Chris’s website here.

Congratulations to Shalini Adnani (MAF 186) whose LFS graduation film Somebody's Daughter will compete for the Golden Egg at this year's Reykjavik International Film Festival.

Antonio Sequeira's (MAF 192) film A Son Like Others, written by MA Screenwriting graduate Rodrigo Garcia (MAS 13), took home the Young Jury Award from the ONE Country ONE Film Festival.

Congratulations to all!