(Film Still from Sequeira's Danke. Director of Photography Eng Teck Ng).

MA filmmaking student, António Sequeira, was tasked with exploring the National Gallery for his Term 2 film. Now a Term 4 student, he chose The Battle of Montmirail by Emile-Jean-Horace Vernet as inspiration for his short film 'Danke'. The battle portrait reminded António of Henry Tandey; a well-decorated British solider who was best known for sparing Adolf Hitler's life during battle. When asked about the film, António said:

“I was always very fascinated by the power of choices and the moment I read about Henry Tandey, I craved to tell the world this true story and make them question whether he did the right thing. The fact that this British soldier in WW1 could have killed Adolf Hitler when he was young and thus perhaps saved many innocent lives, was very intriguing to me, especially as he was made aware of this and had to live with himself, knowing full well the consequences of his kind actions. The exploration of the human psyche was something I was pushed to develop in LFS and something I wish to continue developing. Also, the collaboration and teamwork of my unit was exceptional and crucial for this film to be made and thus I’m truly thankful to everyone who helped me."

'Danke' has now been accept to five different short film festivals and António has been nominated for Best Director at CinEuphoria 2018 National Awards. The full list of festivals is below.

Genre Celebration Festival
UK Offline Film Fest
23rd Caminhos Film Festival
Cardiff International Film Festival
Colortape International Film Festival
Congratulations on 'Danke' and best of luck to António!
(Film Still from Sequeira's Danke. Director of Photography Eng Teck Ng).