Jeongeun Choi


Jeongeun Choi was born in 1983 in South Korea. In 2002 she began studying filmmaking at Sejong University in Korea, where she wrote and directed 7 short films. After graduating, she joined the crew on Won Shin-yeon's feature Seven Days as script supervisor, followed immediately by Park Chan-wook's Thirst, in the same role. After Thirst, she decided to come to London to seek further creative stimulation and challenges. Whilst at the London Film School, she received the Independent Short Film Funding grant from the Korean Film Council and The Jeju Film Commission, allowing her to create her short film, Rise Above. The film was shown at Short Film Corner at Festival de Cannes in 2012, and the Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival and Riga International Short Film Festival, both in 2013. She is currently preparing her first feature film, Method of Cure, which explores the difficult subject of euthanasia.

Jeongeun Choi

MA Filmmaking
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South Korea

LFS Filmography

I'd do the Laundry, You'd do the Dishes, WRITER/DIRECTOR, HD, 14m 57s, LFS, 2013
Rise Above, WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR, Red One, 25m 44s, Choi Film, 2012
Commissioned by the Korean Film Council as a part of the Independent Film Funding programme 2011
Funded by the Jeju Film Commission 2011
Shown at Short Film Corner, Festival de Cannes 2012
Screened at Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival 2013 (Official Competition)
Screened at Riga International Short Film Festival 2013 (International Competition)
Spare, DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER/EDITOR, 16mm film, 3m, LFS, 2011
Screened at Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012 and nominated for Best Experimental
Screened at Underwire Film Festival 2012 and nominated for Best Music Composing
Screened at SHORTFILM, the Troubadour 2013 and nominated for Best Shorts
Dove, Natural Beauty, DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER/EDITOR, Super 16mm film, 37s, Choi Film, 2011
Commissioned by Kodak Commercial Awards 2011
Screened at W Project 2011
Thirst, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, 35mm film, 133m, Moho Film, 2009
Seven Days, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, 35mm film, 125m, Prime Entertainment, 2007
The Law of Gravitation 1 : Dancing with the Universe, WRITER/DIRECTOR, HD, 21m, Sejong University, 2006
The New World, WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR, 16mm film, 9m, Sejong University, 2004