Christine Sherwood


Born in New Jersey and raised in California, Christine was always fascinated about the journey people took that lead them to where they were. She has indulged her fascination creatively through photography, acting/voice-over and writing. She has worked various jobs from being an assistant at Creative Artists Agency for nearly 5 years to working in a metals company painting motorcycle parts using an electrostatic process and everywhere else in between. These life experiences and more has allowed her to step into others' shoes or safety gloves as needed to seek out and experience life from different perspectives. Europe was the right place to develop her skillset as a filmmaker as her interests were always piqued by realistic storytelling that revolved around raw emotions. Christine looks forward to continuing her film career both here in Europe as well as the States and is currently developing a feature length script.

Christine Sherwood

MA Filmmaking
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United States

LFS Filmography

SuperBob, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, Alexa, TheFyzz and Grain Media, 2014
Lashes, WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, Alexa, 20m, LFS and Manor Road Films, 2013
A Good Friday, PRODUCER, Red MX, 23m, LFS, 2013
The Olive Branch Job, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, Alexa, 20m, LFS, 2013
Better Than Tomorrow, PRODUCTION COORDINATOR/CASTING, Alexa, 21m, LFS and Toy Box Films, 2013
Lay Me Down, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, Run Rabbit Films, 2013
Deep Breath, GAFFER, Red MX, 24m, LFS, 2012
On Line, 1st AD, Canon 7D, 6m, LFS and English National Opera, 2012
Long Walk Home, SCRIPT SUPERVISOR/1st AD, Red MX, 24m, LFS, 2012
The Library of Burned Books, ELECTRICIAN, Red, 9m, LFS, 2012
Waiting, WRITER/EDITOR/SOUND DESIGN, 35mm colour, 15m, LFS, 2012
Away in the Attic, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 35mm B&W, 12m, LFS 2012
Ripple Effect, PRODUCER, HD, 18m, LFS, 2011
Visions of Consequence, WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR, 16mm colour, 3m, LFS 2011
The Six-Pack, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm B&W, 4m, LFS, 2011


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