Jacqueline Lentzou


Born in Athens, Greece and brought up in Thessaloniki from 1995 onwards, Jacqueline has been always on the move. She commenced her BA in Film and TV Studies at the Royal Holloway College, yet completed it at the American College of Greece, receiving highest distinction. At the age of 21 she moved to London to begin her training at the London Film School. 

Her first film And the Kid is featured on the National Gallery’s official website. It was also screened in the experimental section at the 2013 Screentest: UK’s National Student Film Festival and the NFFTY 2013 (National Film Festival for Talented Youth).

Her second film Insights won the Best Experimental Film Award at the 2012 London Greek Film Festival. 

In 2013 she received her MA in Filmmaking with distinction with her thesis film Thirteen Blue. Currently, she is trying to make Thirteen Blue shine in the festival circuit. 


Jacqueline Lentzou

MA Filmmaking
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Graduation film

Thirteen Blue

‘Thirteen Blue’ is an impressionist portrait of Ellie, a lonely only child. This summer, instead of diving in the sea, she dives into her first existential worry. In the meantime, their family friend has left to give birth in the water. Ellie finds herself changing both internally and externally. Ellie will break free.
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LFS Filmography

Mother Cat (pre-production), WRITER/DIRECTOR, Alexa, 2014
Thirteen Blue, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 18m, LFS,2013
Popcorn, EDITOR, 16mm, 10m, LFS, 2013
Kyoto Rain, 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, ALEXA, 13m, LFS, 2012
The things I see, EDITOR, 35mm B&W, 10m, LFS, 2011
ΙNSIGHTS: A cinepoem about vision, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 10m, LFS, 2011
And the Kid, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m 30s, LFS, 2011