Eric Grech


My filmmaking education began as an autodidactic director filming stories with a Super 8 camera. I progressed a great deal during my 2 years on the MA Filmmaking course at LFS having learned about and practiced within all the different roles that make up a film crew. Now, my work as a director is greatly supported by this knowledge. I am also grateful to have learned from mistakes I've made with past films.

Now that my professional career has started, I am working as a director/editor for the French TV channel Canal +. I am also currently editing a short film for another LFS student. As a director, I continue to make short films and have started to write a feature film. I am based in Paris but continue working in London.

Eric Grech

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Obscured, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, Red Camera, 10m, LFS, 2012
The Lost Night, EDITOR/SOUND DESIGNER, 35mm, 10m, LFS, 2011
The Great Farce, CINEMATOGRAPHER, 35mm B&W, 10m, LFS, 2011
Kings in the ring, CAMERA OPERATOR, 16mm, 8m, LFS, 2011
The girl hidden, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m 15s, LFS, 2010
Cold Sweat, DIRECTOR, 16mm B&W, LFS, 2010
Elmet Wax, or the man who invented surgery, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/WRITER, 8mm, 3m 40s, 2008
Ages of wrath, SCREENWRITER, 2005
The first bullet, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/WRITER, Betanum, 7m, 2003