Cristina Wolf


Cristina Wolf hails from D.C. After quitting the acting business at the age of 5, she has been working behind the scenes ever since. In 2010, she relocated to London to obtain a Masters degree in Filmmaking from the London Film School. Prior to moving abroad, she managed to work on myriad of projects from shooting documentaries in Central America, to shooting A-list talent in press junkets, to working on narrative films and commercials.

In 2008, she also completed the cinematography certificate program at New York University and has crewed on projects that have debuted at the Venice Film Festival and SXSW Film Conference & Festival.

She is currently living back in New York and working as a freelance camera operator and camera assistant.


Cristina Wolf

MA Filmmaking
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United States

Graduation film


Abbey can’t recall having a date with destiny when faced with a night she won’t forget. Her nightmarish adventure begins upon receiving a magical letter in the mail that ends up pulling her down a wormhole, thus forcing her to relive a night in her past where the lines of reality and imagination are blurred in her mind's eye.
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LFS Filmography

Sonnet 13, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Canon 7D, Liquid Courage Films, 2013
Down Down The Deep River Down – Okkervil River, 1ST CAMERA ASSISTANT/FOCUS PULLER, Red Epic, Jagjaguwar Records, 2013
Food Network’s Chopped (promo), CAMERA OPERATOR, Sony EX1, Night Train Films, 2013
Wendy Williams (promo), CAMERA OPERATOR, Canon 5D Mark II, Night Train Films, 2013
Niight is On My Mind – Oliver (music video), 1ST CAMERA ASSISTANT/FOCUS PULLER, Arri Alexa, Walter Pictures, 2013
Punk (music video), 1ST CAMERA ASSISTANT/FOCUS PULLER, Sony FS700, Wild Pixel Productions, 2013
Rewind, DIRECTOR, Canon C300, LFS, 2013
Sitter, 1ST CAMERA ASSISTANT/FOCUS PULLER, Red Scarlet, Skyetown Entertainment, 2013
Spoils, CAMERA OPERATOR, PanaflexGII, LFS, 2012
Speechless, 1ST CAMERA ASSISTANT/FOCUS PULLER, Red Epic, Arcadian Fields Productions, 2012
Step Right Up, 1ST CAMERA ASSISTANT/FOCUS PULLER, 35mm-Super America, LFS, 2012
Sundriesman (documentary), DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm-Aton XTR, LFS, 2011
Last Call, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm-Aton XTR, LFS, 2011
Forgetting to Remember, CAMERA OPERATOR, 16mm-Aton XTR, LFS, 2011
Winter Dew Tour: Girls of Snowboarding (webisodes), DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Panasonic HVX, VBS TV, 2010