Manfredi Mancuso


Manfredi Mancuso is a writer, director and professional film critic – a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI). From 2010 to 2014, he has been the film columnist of the Italian Daily Tabloid Giornale di Sicilia. Since 2012, he has collaborated with film festivals all over the world working as film selector, international coordinator or programmer.

In 2013, he graduated from the London Film School after a two-year MA course in Filmmaking. He is currently based in London where he works as independent director and producer.

Manfredi Mancuso

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Deliverance (commercial), PRODUCER, HD, 2m, Independent UK, 2014
Cyclum, PRODUCER, HD, 16m, Independent UK, 2014
Hard To Lose, DIRECTOR, HD Alexa, 23m, LFS, 2014
Waiting, DIRECTOR, 35mm, 9m, LFS, 2012
Chinese New Year's Parade (promo), DIRECTOR, HD, 4m, Chinawest Productions LTD, 2012
A Life On The Edge, CO-DIRECTOR, HD, 12m, LFS, 2012
Casualty Of Love, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2011
Hole In One, EDITOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2011