Bahador Adab


I was born on August 12th 1984 in Tehran, Iran. I became interested in film through screenplays and writing scripts. I started taking script workshops and working at Road Films as an intern, meanwhile doing small projects on my own. After building up a portfolio I applied to the LFS. 

At LFS I was able to work on a number of short films and other side projects in a variety of roles helping me to learn the language of filmmaking and cinema, as well as finding what I want to be doing professionally.


Bahador Adab

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

I Cherish My Home , WRITER/DIRECTOR, Alexa, 27m, LFS, 2014
Glass Animals ‘Hazey’, ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT, Alexa, 3m, Agile Films, 2014
Islands, EDITOR, Alexa, 24m, LFS & LFA, 2014
Tradition, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Alexa, 15m, LFS, 2013
The Mentor, SPARK, Alexa,14m, LFS, 2013
The Special One, EDITOR,/DOP, 35mm, 12m, LFS, 2013
Clearing, BOOM OPERATOR, 35mm, 10m, LFS, 2013
Txoria, EDITOR, HD Sonyx1, 25m, LFS, 2013
Sill Life, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 3m, 16mm, LFS, 2012
Slow Hustle, EDITOR, 3m, 16mm, LFS, 2011
Perfect Corpses, PRODUCER, 3m, 16mm, 2011