Daneeta Loretta Jackson


After growing up in Southeast Louisiana and graduating from Loyola University, Daneeta Jackson made her way to the London Film School via Tokyo where she hooked up with Swede Patrick Jackson and formed the creative partnership known as the Elektrik Zoo. They have been collaborating for 13 years. 

In 2008, the Elektrik Zoo moved from London to New Orleans to begin work on a slate of projects set in Louisiana. These projects include the award winning short Destiny lives Down the Road, the short documentary Mrs. Carmella Prays and the visual poem Little Baby Eyes commissioned by musical artist Franz Kirmann (LFS 142).

Next we moved on to Chalmatia (shall-MAY-shuh): A Fictional Place Down the Road. This original exhibition installed for three months at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans used photographs, film, text, and three-dimensional objects to portray a fictionalized childhood in a community called Chalmatia on the outskirts of New Orleans. 

We are currently working on a feature project based on our short Destiny lives Down the Road.

As a response to the hyper-consumerism that is rampant in American society today, the Elektrik Zoo choose to be nomadic. They do not have a home. They do not have a car. They consume very little. They follow the stories and report back to you.


Daneeta Loretta Jackson

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