Alasdair Beckett-King


Alasdair is a British filmmaker whose work combines animation and live action film. Drawing upon folk tale, Gothic literature and science fiction, his films are about unusual encounters and other worlds.  In January 2012 he began performing stand-up comedy. As a consequence he is now both a Royal Television Society award winning filmmaker and a small plastic trophy winning comedian. He has written comedy sketches for BBC radio and currently works as an editor and animator for video games, theatre and film.  His next film will feature at least one joke.

Alasdair Beckett-King

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

Graduation film

The Library of Burned Books

The Fire Wardens march and the children stand in line for their chance to toss the banned books into the ritual flames. A young girl refuses to join in and runs from the furnace. The headmaster tries to protect her and tells her an impossible story about a chimney sweep and the 'Library of Burned Books'. She listens. But a Fire Warden is listening, too.
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LFS Filmography

The Library of Burned Books, WRITER/DIRECTOR/ANIMATOR, Red, 9m, LFS, 2012
Crow (digital animation), ANIMATOR/COMPOSITOR, Handspring Theatre, 2012
Glitter and Storm, CAMERA OPERATOR, Canon 7D, 15m, LFS, 2012
Cave of the Blind, CINEMATOGRAPHER/EDITOR, 35mm, 15m, LFS, 2011
Dreadful Bazaar, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 35mm, B&W, 9m, LFS, 2010
Bee Fever, CAMERA OPERATOR, 16mm,15m, LFS, 2009
Netty Carlisle & Iron Hands, WRITER/DIRECTOR/ANIMATOR, HDV, 12m, Screen Yorkshire, 2007