Daniel Guliyev


Daniel was born in Zagatala, Azerbaijan. After studying for his bachelor degree as a film director in Azerbaijan, he worked as a first assistant director for 2 years in an advertising company. Feeling that his career path was diverging from his main interests in film, he decided to do an MA in Filmmaking at LFS to dive back into directing and cinematography. During his MA, he developed his skills as a Writer/Director and Cinematographer. 'Bastard' is his graduation project . 

Daniel Guliyev

MA Filmmaking
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Natig, a 16-year-old teenager, joins the military tryouts in an attempt to break away from the lifestyle of his small village in Azerbaijan.
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LFS Filmography

Bastard, WRITER/DIRECTOR, RED Epic, 19m 26s, LFS, 2018

Bronco, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Alexa, 17m 45s, LFS, 2017

The Visitor, EDITOR, Alexa, 11m, LFS, 2017

Sense of Freedom, DIRECTOR, Digital, 12m, LFS, 2016

Time, CINEMATOGRAPHER, 16mm, 2m 41s, LFS, 2016

The Boy in the Dark, DIRECTOR, LFS, 2016

Games That People Play, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 3m 47s, LFS, 2016