Luis Felipe Moncada


Film studies degree at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, master's degree at the London Film School. He is currently directing a production company called altiplano that has made more than twenty shortfilms and two feature films. Some of his references are filmmakers such as Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorwky and Stanley Kubrick, for a work in which he combines gestures of surrealism with a very crude perspective of reality, that becomes as illogical as humanity itself . Everlasting joy, Cities of dust, Animal Instinct, Heavenly Body, HAL security files and Autumn Equinox are some of their most outstanding projects. They have participated and won awards in film festivals such as: Mar del Plata film festival, Bogoshorts, Festival de cine de Gibara and Silhouette film festival among others. Rara Avis is his graduation project from the London Film School.

Luis Felipe Moncada

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

The Sound of Falling, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Alexa M, 12m 52s, LFS, 2018

Rara Avis, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Blackmagic URSA Mini, 15m 30s, LFS, 2018

Ada, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Sony F3, 29m 30s, LFS, 2018

Minus Pink, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Alexa, 13m 40s, LFS, 2017

Shark, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Alexa, 12m, LFS, 2017

Autumn Equinox, DIRECTOR, 35mm, 12m, LFS, 2016

Carousel, CINEMATOGRAPHER, HDCam, 10m 20s, LFS, 2016

Funeral parade of The Crab, CINEMATOGRAPHER, 16mm, 4m, LFS, 2016

Heavenly Body, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 4m 12s, LFS, 2016

The Hangman, DIRECTOR, LFS, 2015

Black Coffee, Blackmagic URSA Mini, 15m 5s, LFS, 2017