Anastasia Raykova


Anastasia was born and raised in Arkhangelsk, a town in the north of Russia.  In the 2004 she moved to Saint-Petersburg and received her MA degree in IT from ITMO university.  Anastasia started making films as a hobby but after producing an award-winning film “Stars”, she was encouraged to pursue career in filmmaking.  In 2011 Anastasia moved to Lisbon where she studied TV Production and worked on several film and TV projects.  Constantly looking for professional development, Anastasia enrolled in the MA filmmaking course at the London Film School. During her education she had the opportunity to be a director, camera operator and producer.

Anastasia Raykova

MA Filmmaking
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It should have been the best day in Igor's life, but something is wrong with this Russian wedding. Is he feeling sick because he made a mistake or because his bride enchanted him?
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LFS Filmography

A Night in the Life, CO-PRODUCER, Alexa, 17m 44s, LFS, 2017

Please Don't Leave Anything Sitting in the Sink (documentary), DIRECTOR, 15m 4s, LFS, 2015

Away From You, DIRECTOR, LFS, 2015

Secret, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 3m 55s, LFS, 2015

She's Hit, PRODUCER, 26mm, 2m 20s, LFS, 2015

Spicy, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2015

Karavai karavai, PRODUCER, Alexa, 17m 57s, LFS, 2017