Andrew Rose


Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, Andrew Rose graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in Political and International Affairs in 2015, at which time he moved to London, UK to pursue his MA in Filmmaking from the London Film School. There, he wrote and directed several projects in the horror genre, including his graduation film All You Can Carry. Filmed in North Carolina and completed at Pinewood Studios with the help of Dolby sponsorship, this is the first LFS production to be sound-mixed in Dolby Atmos and the culmination of Andrew’s years studying in London. Since completing the film in April 2018, Andrew moved to Los Angeles where he is currently seeking representation. 

Andrew Rose

MA Filmmaking
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United States

Graduation film

All You Can Carry

A young boy and his parents race against dawn to escape home as the reality beyond their scavenged life finally catches up with them.
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LFS Filmography

All You Can Carry, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Alexa M, 11m 1s, LFS, 2018

When the Howls Find Us, DIRECTOR, Alexa, 12m, LFS, 2017

Nursing?, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 2m 10s, LFS, 2016

An Original Natalie, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m 20s, LFS, 2016

Siren, PRODUCER, 2m 50s, LFS, 2015