Piero Cioffi


Piero is an Italian, London-based Cinematographer and Photographer. After working for the Ravello Festival as main Stage Photographer from 2009 to 2012, he moved into studying electrical engineering.

Joining LFS with this background he got extremely interested in cinematography and the technical side of storytelling. His passion brought him to travel around the world to work on over 20 graduation films and many commercial and music video productions.

Piero Cioffi

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Rab.bit, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Master Digital, 16m 23s, LFS 2018

Shall we date?, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Alexa M, 9m 53s, LFS 2018

23 Red, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Master Digital, 9m 39s, LFS 2017

Three Centimetres, CINEMATOGRAPHER, RED Epic, 9m 1s, LFS 2017

三天 Three Days, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Master Digital, 20m, LFS 2017

Hole, CINEMATOGRAPHER, Alexa, 13m 35s, LFS 2016

Maryland, PRODUCER, 35mm, 11m 20s, LFS 2016

Please Don't Leave Anything Sitting in the Sink (documentary), PRODUCER, 15m 4s, LFS 2015

Eureka Street, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/EDITOR, 16mm, 2m 35s, LFS 2015

Away from You, PRODUCER, LFS 2015

Memento Mori, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Super 16, 1m 42s, LFS 2015

Resolved, PRODUCER, 16mm, 3m 30s, LFS 2015

Secret, PRODUCER, 16mm, 3m 55s, LFS 2015

The Dreamer and the Pillar, WRITER/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 3m 4s, LFS 2015

Decomposure, PRODUCER, 16mm, 3m 45s, LFS 2015


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