Nia Fausset


Nia Fausset focuses on production design and directing. A UK native, with Serbian heritage, she first pursued storytelling in creative writing in Liverpool. In both direction and design, she is interested in narratives that explore the heart of human relationships and endeavours to thread observation, experience and memory in a touching and humorous way. A vibrant and sincere collaborator in projects she's involved with, Nia has a determined pursuit for filmmaking with heart and fun.

Nia Fausset

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

LFS Filmography

Living Under Kapatalism, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Arri Amira, 14m 47s, LFS 2017

Sophie & Julia, PRODUCTION DESIGNER, Alexa, 11m 44s, LFS 2017

The Burning, PRODUCTION DESIGNER, Master Digital, 15m 30s, LFS 2016

Happy Anniversary, PRODUCTION DESIGNER, Alexa, 6m 9s, LFS 2016

Outside, PRODUCTION DESIGNER, Alexa, 14m 59s, LFS 2016

Who is Anna Goldsmith? PRODUCER, EX1 EX3, 18m 28s, LFS 2015

The Last Time, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 2m 44s, LFS 2014

Magdalene Reading, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 3m 21s, LFS 2014

G, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m 23s, LFS 2014


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