Pawel Piotr Achtelik


Some of my fondest memories are built around the filming and editing of family videos - and I developed a deep appreciation of the emotive power of film from an early age. Through my love of film, I immersed myself in the craft of filmmaking, taking up voluntary positions in several music and film festivals in Poland. I learned first-hand that filmmaking is a multi-faceted vocation, necessitating a deep understanding of each contributing profession in order to be done well. I studied film and television production and after graduating moved to London to practise filmmaking and explore my creative passion. Currently working in a prestigious postproduction house, I continue to learn every day and pursue a career in editing.

Pawel Piotr Achtelik

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Skarbnik, Writer-Director, Alexa M, 19m, 2018

Cactus Boy, Editor, Sony F3, 17m, 2019

Sorrow's Kitchen, Editor, master digital, 15m, 2019

Scraps, Director of Photography, Alexa, 11m, 2017

The Third Degree, Assistant Director, Alexa, 8m, 2017

Ward, Camera Operator, Alexa, 10m, 2017

Polari, Editor,  HDCam, 15m, 2017

INSTANT, Camera Operator, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Hood Vanitas, Gaffer, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

The Hunting, Writer-Director, 16mm film, 4m, 2016

Coming and Going, Focus Puller, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Light Year, Director of Photography, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Revenge of a Peanut, Producer, super16 film, 4m, 2016

Fish Friends, Writer-Director, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Coming Home, Camera Assistant, Alexa, 11m, 2018