Juri Ferri


Juri Ferri is an Italian writer and director. Born and raised near Bergamo, Italy, he completed his undergraduate degree in Middelburg, the Netherlands, before moving to London to pursue an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. His term 4 film UB-13, shot in studio on 35mm, premiered at the Oscar qualifying Hollyshorts Film Festival in 2018 and since then it has screened at various festivals internationally. His LFS graduation project Meidagen (Days of May), shot in the Netherlands on 16mm, is based on his great-grandfather’s experience in the Dutch army at the start of WW2. Next to directing, he also specialized in cinematography, shooting two LFS graduation film as DoP, Espacios Vacìos and Proschay.

Juri Ferri

MA Filmmaking
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Graduation film

Meidagen (Days of May)

A Dutch soldier experiences the first days of World War II on the Zeeland Flanders coast. As the rest of the country is quickly getting invaded and his battalion can only wait helplessly for the enemy to arrive, his faith in God will be put to a test.
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LFS Filmography

Meidagen (Days of May), Writer-Director, super16 film, 16m, 2019

Empty Spaces / Espacios Vacíos, Director of Photography, Sony F65 Cinealta, 20m, 2019

At Sea, Editor, Alexa, 11m, 2018

The Death of Don Quixote, Assistant Director, Alexa, 13m, 2018

Ink, Gaffer, 35mm film, 10m, 2018

Suburban Curiosity, Focus Puller, Alexa, 13m, 2018

RÓNÁN, Sound Recordist, 35mm film, 11m, 2018

Emergency Exit, Focus Puller, 35mm film, 11m, 2018

Kindling, Gaffer, Alexa, 13m, 2018

Play On!, Camera Operator, Alexa, 15m, 2018

UB-13, Writer-Director, 35mm film, 13m, 2017

A Little Bit of Home, Editor, DV digital, 16m, 2017

Silent, Camera Operator, 16mm film, 3m, 2017

Varnish, Gaffer, 16mm film, 3m, 2017

Insomniac, Camera Assistant, 16mm film, 3m, 2017

Who Is My Neighbour?, Director, 16mm film, 3m, 2017

Sangre, Assistant Director, 16mm film, 3m, 2017

On/OFF, Director of Photography, 16mm film, 4m, 2017

Aperture, Director of Photography, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

This Year's Kisses, Focus Puller, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

The Third Degree, Spark, Alexa, 8m, 2017

A Bar Called Hell, Boom Swinger, HDCam, 12m, 2018

Diliman, Runner, master digital, 14m, 2017