Abi Hurcomb


Since finishing my course specialising in Cinematography at The London Film School, I have worked in the lighting department on both features and television. From sparking on feature films such as Rare Beasts (dir. Billie Piper), which recently premiered in Venice film festival and had it’s UK premiere at the BFI Film Festival, to gaffering for numerous projects including commercials for brands such as BraUn and Second Unit gaffering a feature film in late 2019, To Be Someone (dir. Ray Burdis). The projects I photographed at The London Film School made it to numerous festivals; Bo & Mei (dir. Camille Nock) won at Amsterdam’s New Renaissance Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival, and was selected to be screened at Pinewood Studios and Edinburgh Film Festival. Both Massa (dir. Micky Montoya) and Zul (dir. Alex Tan) will be hitting the festival circuit in 2020. As a cinematographer I am drawn to the way light and camera movement can combine together to elevate a story, I believe that each project requires a different approach, in terms of lensing and visual aesthetic, something I like to achieve with a close relationship with the Director.

Abi Hurcomb

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

LFS Filmography

Zul, Cinematographer, RED Epic, 17m, 2019

Skarbnik, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Alexa M, 19m, 2018

The Death of Don Quixote, Gaffer, Alexa, 13m, 2018

Play On!, Gaffer, Alexa, 15m, 2018

Massa, Cinematographer, Alexa M, 11m, 2018

Missy, Cinematographer, Arri Amira, 6m, 2018

Bastard, Gaffer, RED Epic, 19m, 2018

Bo & Mei, Director of Photography, Alexa, 15m, 2017

The Interrogation, Gaffer, Alexa, 11m, 2017

See You Later, Spark, Alexa, 12m, 2017

Stubble Burn, Editor, Camera Operator, 2017

The Third Degree, Camera Assistant, Alexa, 8m, 2017

Sense Of Freedom, Camera Operator, master digital, 12m, 2016

A Small Piece of Life, Director, 2016

The Meditation, Gaffer, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Family Business, Camera Assistant, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Fortune, Cinematographer, 16mm film, 3m, 2016

Sucker Punched, Assistant Director, 16mm film, 4m, 2016

Do No Harm, Camera Operator, 16mm film, 2m, 2016

Stop, Writer-Director, 16mm film, 2m, 2016

Games That People Play, Assistant Director, 16mm film, 4m, 2016

Shark, Spark, Alexa, 12m, 2017

A Night in the Life, Camera Assistant, Alexa, 18m, 2017

Croste di Polenta, Spark, Alexa, 21m, 2017

The White Orchid Hotel, Boom Swinger, 35mm film, 11m, 2016

Come Down, Sound Recordist, master digital, 23m, 2018

Creatures & Things, Sound Recordist, Arri Amira, 13m, 2017

Some Girls, Spark, Sony F3, 19m, 2017