Cait Lyn Adamson


Cait Lyn Adamson is a London based Director and Producer. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and raised in Sydney, Australia, Cait Lyn previously worked in Publishing and Writing before moving to London to pursue her MA in Filmmaking. With a background in Comparative Literature, Media, Creative Writing and Cinema Studies Cait Lyn has always had a passion in pursuing story telling in all it's forms and works today as a creative collaborator, producer and director of filmic projects.

Cait Lyn Adamson

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Come Down, Producer, master digital,  23m, 2018

Some Girls, Writer-Director, Sony F3, 19m, 2017

The Tempted, Producer, Blackmagic URSA mini,  13m, 2017

At dawn flowers open the gates of paradise, Producer, 16mm film,  13m, 2017

Diliman, Assistant Director, master digital, 14m, 2017

Living Under Kapatalism, Producer, Arri Amira, 15m, 2017

End of Season, Assistant Director, Arri Amira, 24m, 2017

Hangnail, Assistant Director, Alexa M, 34m, 2017

(title not yet known), Producer, 2017

Hole, Assistant Director, Alexa, 14m, 2016

Wild Side, Assistant Director, Blackmagic URSA mini, 14m, 2016

Intezaar ( The Wait), Producer, Assistant Director, 35mm film, 17m, 2016

Sleepwalking, Writer-Director, Alexa, 22m, 2016

The Last Party, Assistant Director, DSLR, 25m, 2016

Nazha, Production Manager, Alexa, 14m, 2015

The Membrane, Producer, 15m, 2015

Positive, Assistant Director, Alexa, 16m, 2015

Wrong Way Forward, Script Supervisor, Canon EOS C300, 18m, 2015

Koko, Sound Recordist, 19m, 2015

Fire and Ice, Assistant Director, 3m, 2015

Drops, Camera Assistant, 16mm film, 4m, 2015

Annabel’s Heart, Assistant Director, 16mm film, 5m, 2015

Have a Pint With Me, Assistant Director, 35mm film, 8m, 2015

Choke, Director, 2015

Hold the Strip Vertically, Director of Photography, 2015

Glut, Gaffer, 2015

XX/YY, Production Designer, Camera Assistant, 16mm film, 3m, 2014

The Tuner, Writer-Director, 16mm film, 4m, 2014


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