Junyi Song


Junyi Song is a Cantonese writer-director based in Guangzhou and Beijing. After a BA Screenwriting study at Central Academy of Drama, he moved to England on a study tour during his gap year. Currently, he is doing post-production for his grad film Jenny and preparing his first feature film.

Junyi Song

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Night Shift
Blown Joan
Mice City
The Sunday
Say You're Welcome
A Snapshot
Take Off
The Boulevard
Partner Yoga

Making relatively personal auteur films will be the direction Junyi explores for a long time to come. In the creation of any script, he will start from my thoughts and feelings, then base and extend on what and who he is surrounded by for artistic modification. After his undergraduate study of scriptwriting, he feels that the most powerful narrative was not about the rigorous structure or ingenious ups and downs, but the sense of realism behind ordinary lives and poetic moments.

Therefore, his future works may start with naturalism or realism and could contain a hint of elements of fantasy, that is, adding personal idealization or happy visions to the seemingly ordinary life, which will increase the legend and poetic flavour. Weakening the narrative and soothing its rhythm are the expression he longs for, which, however, does not mean reducing the moviegoing experience. Fundamentally, his works will be based on literature. With a comfortable narrative rhythm, the audience could feel as though they’ve had a cup of mild tea with an aftertaste after viewing his work.