Seemab Gul


Seemab Gul is a London based filmmaker who has been a political activist involved in social and anti-war campaigns. While she makes socio-political films, her multi-media works span themes of migration, identity, culture and politics.

Seemab Gul

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

LFS Filmography

Overtime, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Super 16mm, 12m, LFS, 2010
Won 'Best Social Drama' prize at the first BASTAU International Film Festival, Kazakhstan
School of Karahi, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 35mm, 15m, LFS, 2009
The Kingdom of Edhi, LINE PRODUCER/TRANSLATER, 90m, Mundis Productions, 2009
Home Bittersweet Home, WRITER/DIRECTOR, DV, 12m, LFS, 2008
The Fallen Woman, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2008
Passport, WRITER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, HD, 1m, Motiroti Foundation, 2008
After the Earthquake, WRITER/DIRECTOR, HD, 10m, 2007
East London Film Festival 2008