BAFTA 195 PICCADILLY, LONDON, St. James's, London, W1J 9LN 



Day One | Thursday, 24 January 2019

Full List of Graduate Films Screening, by date and cohort.

Screening Programme A

Starts at 09:45 am, screens films from cohort 186

The Chairs (19.45mins), Orkhan Aghazadeh

The Eleventh (14.00 mins), Naomi Waring

Oi Nathan (13.46 mins), Thomas Rowe

Croste Di Polenta (21.08 mins), Emanuele Bonomi

Approx 70 mins

Break at 10:55 am for 20 mins


Screening Programme B

Starts at 11:15 am, screens films from cohort 186

End of Season (23.45 mins), Zhannat Alshanova

Leave to Remain (17.01mins), Kateryna Zabulonska

Isha (14:46 mins), Christopher Manning

Approx 58 mins

Break at 12:15 pm for 45 minutes



Screening Programme C 

Starts at 1:00 pm, screens films from cohort 187

Rubberneck (25.05 mins), Frederic Kau

23 Red (10.34 mins), Ju Shardlow

Max Tietjens (18.43 mins), Paul Duncan

Coming Home (8.33 mins), Sedi Ghadiri

Golden Girl (8.04 mins), Cottia Thorowgood

Rab.bit (17.19 mins), Federico Manachino

Approx 90 mins

Break at 2:30 pm for 20 mins



Screening Programme D

Starts 2:50 pm, screens film from cohort 187

To the Moon and Back (25.02 mins), Kornpat Pawakranond

10 x 10 ft (17.30 mins), Dhruv Tripathi

I Draw Inside Sheep (13.52 mins), Kaki Wong

Battered (17.16 mins), Luc Mollinger

Sol de Agosto (19.55 mins), Franco Volpi

Approx 94mins

Ends at 4:24 pm  


Day Two | Friday, 25 January 2019

Screening Programme E

Starts at 9.45 am, screens films from cohort 188

Silhouette (28.07 mins), Mengwei Ge

A Bar Called Hell (11.51 mins), Paul Melvin

Bound (19.32 mins), Amy Corrigan

Sunrise Road (19.35 mins), Leopoldo Dondena

Approx 82 minutes

Break at 11:05 am approx for 20 mins



Screening Programme F

Starts at 11:25 am, screens films from cohort 188

 About Bintou (15.30 mins), Dezhou Li 

A Place with Pinwheels (13.18 mins), Alfred Lam

Lisboa Santarem (14.40 mins), Frederico Nobre de Carvalho

 L’Urinateur (11.44 mins), Joachim Rosenwald

The Sound of Falling (12.52 mins), Chien-Yu Lin

Approx 70 minutes

Break at 12:35 pm for 40 minutes


Screening Programme G

Starts at 1:20 pm, screens films from cohort 188

Ada (29.30 mins), Christine Wu

Uffe (22mins), Sivert Lendorph

Rara Avis (15.30 mins), Luis Moncada

All You Can Carry (11 mins), Andrew Rose

Approx 80 mins

Break at 2:40 pm for 20 mins



Screening Programme H

Starts at 3:00 pm, screens films from cohort 189 and 190

But He Was Home (16.18 mins), Camille Liu Nock

Missy (6.13 mins), Katherine Waters

Images of Absence (13.06 mins), Gunel Gadirova

Batul (13.34 mins), Abdul-Rahman Sakr

April  (15 mins), Yangxue Zhang

Bastard  (19.26 mins), Mohsun Guliyev

Approx  84 mins

Ends at 4:15 pm 



Day Three | Saturday, 26 January 2019

Showcase Programme from 11:00 am, followed by a Q&A hosted by Gaylene Gould, Head of Cinemas and Events, BFI

To the Moon and Back | Documentary, 25 mins

Summary: To The Moon and Back is a short documentary exploring the daily life of Chao Doungduen na Chieng Mai, a princess without a kingdom, who is currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her devotion to her duties as mother, politician, and journalist has transformed her. She has become an icon of marble who does not explicitly show emotions. Expression of love for a princess is not easy, especially with her son.
Writer-Director: Kornpat Pawakranond
Producer: Othmane Balafrej
DP: Dhruv Tripathi
Sound Recordist: Anastasia Raykova
Kornpat has won The Purin Award, enabling her to create a feature 'The Princess' which will receive post-production grants of $50,000 in services

Sol de Agosto | Drama, 20 mins

Summary: Back in his hometown of Buenos Aires for a visit that’s all family business and little pleasure, Javier finds himself torn between the needs of his mentally ill mother and the life he’s built in Europe.
Writer-Director-Producer: Franco Volpi
Film Festival screenings, nominations and wins so far: Finalist at Student Academy Awards 2018, Cinematography Nomination at the Underwire Women's FF 2018, Shortlisted at the BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Awards 2018, screened at Palm Springs FF 2018, Rhode Island IFF 2018, Underwire Women's FF 2018, Around IFF Barcelona 2018, Monterrey FF 2018, BAFTA LA, Rio de Janeiro Curta Cinema 2018, Kaohsiung FF 2018, Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne 2018, Sao Paulo International Short FF 2018, Student Academy Awards 2018, SHORTS MEXICO, Winning BEST NARRATIVE SHORT, BEST SCREENPLAY, BEST ACTOR at The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image 2018, Montecatini International Short FF 2018, Winning BEST STUDENT SHORT FILM  at Kinofilm Manchester International Short FF 2018, Poitiers FF 2018, screened at Warsaw IFF/Cinemaforum 2018, Premier Plans FF 2019, Aesthetica FF 2018, 2018 Bogota FF BOGOSHORTS, Pendance FF 2019, and Max Ophül FF 2019

All You Can Carry | Horror, 11mins

Summary: In the predawn of light of a backwoods cabin, 12-year old Anthony and his father work together while they wait for mum to return from her supply run. But when she does, bringing the bad news back with her, Anthony finds himself thrown into a desperate rite of passage and survival as his family scrambles to pick up their scavenged life and escape what's coming.
Writer-Director: Andrew Rose
Editor: Mengwei Ge
Film Festival screenings, nominations and wins so far: Screened at Encounters 2018, SCAD Savannah FF 2018, Shorts on Tap 2018, Max Ophuls FF 2019

End of Season | Drama, 23.45 mins

Summary: At the end of summer, Rosa arrives at her husband's resort; a small hotel in the vast dry steppe, to check on staff and collect the accounts. An unexpected encounter interrupts the routing of her stay and awakens a long gone passion for swimming.
Writer-Director: Zhannat Alshanova
DP: Cem Demirer
Producer: Paisley Walsh
Assistant Director: Cait Lyn Adamson
Gaffer: Joan Vicente Dura
Camera Assist: Chloe Deleplace
Editor: Julien Testa
Spark: Laura Seward
Film Festival screenings, nominations and wins so far: Screened at Cannes Cinéfindation 2018, Filmschool Fest Munich 2018, Max Ophuls FF 2019, Awarded Best Cinematography at Filmschool Fest Munich 2018

Three Centimetres | Comedy, Drama, 9 mins

Summary: Four Lebanese girls go on a Ferris wheel ride to make her friend feel better about her breakup. Their conversation drifts to a less fun place.
Writer-Director: Lara Zeidan
Producer: John Giordano
DP: Pierfrancesco Cioffi
Editor: Emanuele Bonomi
Sound Recordist: Kateryna Zabulonska
Title Design: Dheeraj Malhan
Sound Editor: Emanuele Bonomi
Assistant Director: John Giordano
Camera Assist: Joan Vicente Dura
Colourist: Pierfrancesco Cioffi
Film Festival screenings, nominations and wins so far: Won the Teddy Award for Best Short Film at Berlinale 2018, Winner of Chris Collins Best British Live Action Award and NAHEMI Cinematography Award at Encounters 2018, Iris Prize Winner at the Iris Prize Festival 2018, Jury Prize Winner at London Film Week 2018, Special Mention at Queer Lisboa 2018, screened at 50 film festivals during 2018.