Application Process

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The selection process has been designed to enable us to select students who have a reasonable chance of successfully completing their course. This is normally judged by their achievements and their potential.

We start to process applications from the date published on our website. We normally process applications in the order they are received and offers are made to those applicants with the highest score against the published selection criteria for the course.

London Film School operates a two-stage selection process:

  1. Review stage where Academic Registry will review an application to check against entry requirements and that all relevant documentation has been submitted and the English Language requirements have been met. 
  2. Academic Selection stage where applicants who have successfully progressed to this stage, will be considered by an Admissions tutor and may be selected for interviewed.


During this stage, Academic Registry staff review an application to check that:

  • All relevant documents have been submitted, including education certificates, references, and personal statements
  • All relevant documents are available in English and that certified translations have been made available where required
  • An appropriate portfolio of work (if applicable) has been submitted (although the quality of the portfolio of work will not be checked by Academic Registry staff at this stage)
  • The English language requirements have been met

Academic Selection

Applicants who have successfully progressed to this stage may be interviewed by an Admissions Tutor.

You will be invited to an online interview where you will be interviewed by a single member of the academic staff. The School may keep an audio recording of the interview and recordings are stored securely and only available to Admissions staff and interviewers.

The focus of this stage is to decide whether you have the potential to have a reasonable chance of successfully completing the course. This is normally based on previous academic achievements and evidence that supports an aptitude for the chosen subject. In some cases, relevant professional experience in film or related areas can substitute the requirement for proof of academic achievements.

The application and interview will be considered on their own merits and in competition with other applications. All relevant evidence provided will be considered and scored against the published selection criteria for the course. During the interview, the interviewer will explore further the selection criteria with the applicant.

The application will be reviewed with a focus on the selection criteria listed here:

Notice: London Film School is working on plans to relocate its teaching activities to new, contemporary facilities, close by in Covent Garden over the course of the academic year 2023/24. We are committed to ensuring all students’ studies are not affected by the relocation project and we will do our best to minimise any potential impact.