Deadlines and Late Applications


We accept applications up to and including the deadlines via our online application system.
In addition to the deadlines, we also publish processing start dates to indicate to applicants when we start to process applications for any given intake. Complete applications submitted by the stipulated deadlines will normally be processed within eight weeks of the published processing start date.
If your application is referred back to you, e.g. because it is incomplete, it may take longer than eight weeks for us to process it. We normally process applications in the order they are received in and offers are made to successful applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.
To read about the application process, please go here.


Key Dates and Deadlines

January 2020

We are now accepting applications for the MA Filmmaking course starting in January 2020.
Applicants should note, however, that due to the overwhelming demand for September 2019, we only have a limited number of places remaining for January 2020.
If your application is successful, but we are unable to offer you a place for January 2020, you will be given the option to defer your place on the course to May 2020 or September 2020.
Applications open: 8 July 2019
International deadline: 30 September 2019
UK/EU/EEA deadline: 14 October 2019
Processing starts: 5 August 2019
International: 25 November 2019
UK/EU/EEA: 9 December 2019

May 2020

Applications open: 28 October 2019
International deadline: 20 January 2020
UK/EU/EEA deadline: 3 February 2020
Processing starts: 25 November 2019
International: 16 March 2020
UK/EU/EEA: 30 March 2020

September 2020

Applications open: 17 February 2020
International deadline: 11 May 2020
UK/EU/EEA deadline: 25 May 2020
Processing starts: 16 March 2020
International: 6 July 2020
UK/EU/EEA: 20 July 2020


September 2020

Applications will open in February 2020 for the MA Screenwriting course starting in September 2020.
To be notified when the application intake opens, please sign up here. 
The deadline for our September 2020 intake in MA Screenwriting is 6 April 2020.
Processing Timeline
Review I: To be completed by 10 April 2020
Review II & Interviews: To be completed by 11 May 2020


For MA Filmmaking 

While late applications from UK/EU/EEA applicants will be accepted, they will not be processed in the first instance. Instead, the focus will remain on applications submitted by the deadline with late applications only being considered to fill remaining places on the course (if required). An automated email to that effect will be sent to anyone submitted their application after the deadline.

For MA Screenwriting 

The decision as to whether or not late applications for the MA Screenwriting programme will be accepted and whether they will be accepted by all applicants or UK/EU/EEA applicants only, will be made after all applications have been processed and it has been determined how many offers will be made across the two offer rounds.


Deadline Notification for May 2020 and September 2020:

If you want to be notified when the next application intake opens, sign up here. 

For EU/EEA nationals: A statement from the School on Brexit can be read here.






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