The London Film School building was previously a warehouse and has a rough workshop atmosphere which can be exciting but is certainly not luxurious. We offer guided tours around the school on Thursday afternoons throughout the term which includes a chance to look at some student films. Facilities at the LFS include:


Two studios equipped with lighting rigs are available for the film exercises, as well as a rehearsal studio, used also for drama and script workshops.


Projection facilities for digital, 16mm are available in two cinemas, with 110 and 35 seat capacity respectively.

Camera Department

In the first year, the equipment includes 8 Aatons with prime lenses for the two 16mm exercises and digital formats for the documentary exercises and student research projects. In the 2nd year, currently, all students shoot on digital using our Alexa. Fisher dollies are provided for studio use. Lighting Equipment ranges from the standard tungsten Openface, Fresnel and HMI lamps to Kinoflo’s, dedo kits and led pads.

Design Studio

There is a fully equipped design studio with drawing boards, model making facilities, visual reference library and materials library and design computer suite.

Editing Suites

The School has non-linear editing systems running Avid Media Composer. Some systems are also equipped with Final Cut Pro. The analogue film room is equipped to handle and 16mm film formats.

Sound Suites

There are Protools 24HD workstations for the preparation of soundtracks for Dolby digital mixes. Commentary and foley recording area, sound effects library.

Production Office

There is a production office with computers, telephone and internet access. W-Fi access.


The LFS Uses Moodle as the Virtual Learning Environment of the LFS. Students are able to view, download and print technical manuals, syllabuses, course descriptions, forms, legal agreements, school regulations and other documents, and take part in activities set up by course tutors.


The School Library keeps and documents LFS productions. LFS shows work at over 200 film festivals around the world each year and supports sales of films to broadcasters and distributors. The library also holds an extensive collection of films for a loan, plus a small collection of core books. Students have also access to the BFI Reference Library, which is within ten minute walk.

Clubs and Societies

The Students Union is affiliated with the NUS and LFS students are entitled to NUS Extra cards, offering a range of benefits. LFS is also affiliated to the International student house/UCKISA. Our clubs and societies include the LFS Film Society and an LFS football team, which arranges matches against other film schools. LFS is a full member of CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision), the international confederation of film schools, GEECT (European Grouping of Film and Television Schools) and NAHEMI (National Association for Higher Education in the Moving Image) the national association for British film schools.


Read our disability statement here.


Notice: London Film School is working on plans to relocate its teaching activities to new, contemporary facilities, close by in Covent Garden over the course of the academic year 2023/24. We are committed to ensuring all students’ studies are not affected by the relocation project and we will do our best to minimise any potential impact.