US Federal Student Aid: Information for Applicants and Students

The London Film School is eligible to participate in the William D. Ford Direct Student Loan Program authorised by US Education Department The documents below set out recent changes in the system and guides through the application process. 

The US government requires institutions which offer federal student loans to disclose information about financial aid, completion and retention rates, the campus, etc. the London Film School has made the Consumer Information available on a separate page which can be found here: US Federal Student Aid: Consumer Information

Policies relevant to US Federal Loans can be found below:

PDF icon  Return of Title IV Policy

PDF icon  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Important: please ensure you first read our guidance document and the information contained on our website carefully.

Cost of Attendance 2018/19

The Cost of Attendance (CoA) is the total amount it will cost you to attend LFS per academic year and is usually stated as a yearly figure. If you start your course in January or May, the cost will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

It is important to remember that you are borrowing money from the U.S. taxpayer and the CoA has been calculated to reflect a typical student’s standard of living. Further, the loan can only cover your own study-related expenses (unless you have dependents).

Our Cost of Attendance spreadsheet gives you a weekly breakdown of some of those costs to help you budget better and give you a better understanding of the cost of living in London. The costs have also been listed below.

Please note that financial assistance is only available while you’re at least studying half-time, i.e. not during the summer holidays.

You can always borrow less than the cost of attendance, but you cannot borrow more unless you have special circumstances that affect your Cost of Attendance.

The loans available are:

Subsidised No longer available to postgraduates  
Unsubsidised $20,500 max, Interest charged while in school  Origination Fee deducted at Disbursement
PLUS Loan Max value set by School (Cost of Attendance) Origination Fee deducted at Disbursement

Origination Fees

The US Education Department charge an origination fee on all loans and this is deducted from each disbursement. The value of the fees and the disbursements are shown in the cost of attendance spreadsheet. For more detailed information, see the Education Department's Student Aid Website

How much can you borrow – Cost of Attendance:

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the total amount it will cost you to attend LFS. Our Cost of Attendance spreadsheet has all this information built in, but you can also find an overview below. More information can be found in our guidance document which also contains information about the application process: PDF icon US FSA Application Process for LFS Students 1.1.pdf

Cost of Attendance Amount (in GBP) for MA Filmmaking Amount (in GBP) for MA Screenwriting
Tuition and Fees see relevant page for MA Filmmaking
see relevant page for MA Screenwriting
Room £ 200.00 per week £ 200.00 per week
Board £ 72.00 per week £ 72.00 per week
Books and Study Supplies £ 20.00 per week £ 20.00 per week
Transportation £ 34.20 per week £ 34.20 per week
Personal £ 72.00 per week £ 72.00 per week
2 Return Flights £ 1,800.00 (one-off, single cost) £ 1,800.00 (one-off, single cost)
Visa Application and Associated Fees £ 800.00 (one-off, single cost) £ 600.00 (one-off, single cost)

You may also choose to include the following in your Cost of Attendance:

  • Personal computer: up to £ 700.00 for the documented rental or purchase of a personal computer that you will use for study for the enrolment period;
  • Origination fees: you may be able to include the origination fees required to receive the loan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on if you have any unusual expenses that might affect your CoA.

Please note our School Code: G10574

Student loans are awarded on an academic year basis. The loan, however, is divided into equal disbursements and paid over three (3) terms.

Please note that financial assistance is only available while you’re at least studying half-time, i.e. not during the summer holidays.

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