Student Eligibility

Am I eligible for US federal loans?

Applicants must meet the criteria set by the US Department of Education on the Federal Student Aid website in order to be eligible for US federal loans.

The federal loan eligibility criteria are subject to change at the US Department of Education's discretion and are beyond the London Film School’s (LFS) control. Check the latest eligibility criteria on the Federal Student Aid website.

In addition to the criteria specified on the Federal Student Aid website, students must also:

  • Remain a full-time enrolled student in good academic standing for the course
  • Be studying on an eligible, degree-bearing course MA Filmmaking MA Screenwriting
  • Make satisfactory academic progress during your course
  • Notify LFS if they withdraw from their course
  • Meet all remaining financial obligations in a timely manner
  • Confirm whether they are in receipt of any other financial assistance or US loan other than the ones declared in the Cost of Attendance
  • Notify the school of any changes to any financial assistance while studying at LFS.

Please note that current U.S. regulations prevent students in receipt of U.S. Federal Student Aid from completing any part of their course or coursework, including films, back in the U.S. Completing coursework somewhere other than the UK or the US may be permissible if the work can only be performed in another country. This is subject to approval by the Term Tutor(s) and Financial Aid Administrator.

London Film School can only approve US loans for students who meet the criteria set by the US Department of Education. More information about these criteria is provided below.

Ineligible courses

There are restrictions on the School’s ability to offer federal loan funds to students on certain courses. Students on ineligible courses may however be eligible for a private loan.

The following types of courses are not eligible for federal loans:

  • Any non-degree bearing course, eg LFS workshops and short courses
  • The MA International Film Business course as students need to apply to the University of Exeter
  • Courses which are less than half time;
  • Courses involving study outside of the UK for more than 25% of the overall course duration;
  • Courses involving distance learning and/or online elements;
  • Summer school courses.

Please note that if any element of your programme is ineligible for federal loans, even if just a single part of one year, the entirety of the degree and all years become ineligible.