MA Documentary Filmmaking: Our teaching method

The school is in the process of moving its teaching and studio spaces. Pending the completion of building work the entry to the programme is postponed and will not be commencing in 2024. More information will be available as we have it.

Student's creative abilities are developed through multiple approaches:

Our teaching ethos is 'learning by doing' - being actively involved in all aspects of filmmaking across all stages of production. Students will be involved in continuous creative and technical problem solving – critical tools needed in their evolution as storytellers and documentary filmmakers.  

Everything students learn, look at and do on the course is based on the alchemy of theory and practice and structured into a framework of cultural and critical contexts, to help them evaluate, synthesise and integrate knowledge.

Students will engage in critical debates on the course and with industry guests. They will reflect on their self-development in a Reflective Research Journal and learn how to give and receive feedback on film exercises.


Students will constantly be asked to apply their learning and refine it as they advance their knowledge and understanding each term in multiple documentary film exercises, that progress from short form films to a longer form graduation film.

Every film watched, discussed and made on the course will inform student’s practice and increase their confidence, knowledge and agency in working as a creative documentary filmmaker.

Students are set many film exercise briefs, given timeframes and asked to meet these with originality, creativity and practical dexterity, always being encouraged to tell the best story in the best way possible whether working on their own or as part of a film crew.

They will get feedback from their peers, staff, industry guests and mentors, all of whom will help them articulate, learn from, question, find solutions and develop their artistic practice and skills. 

Our students will explore, experiment and express themselves as creative documentary filmmakers. They will learn in workshops, lectures, seminars, tutorials, reviews and screenings – all designed to connect ideas to creative outcomes.

Learning by doing and getting the opportunity to test ideas and themselves, with peers, teachers and professional practitioners. 


Updated 12 January 2024