Cinematography is the dynamic process of capturing a vision on film. For the cinematographer, this is a synthesis of their aesthetic sensibility and technical skill.

At LFS, we teach on both photochemical and digital formats and in each term of the MA Filmmaking programme, we enable all students to take on the role of Director of Photography or Camera Operator for their film. We start by teaching the relevant theory, but most of the classes involve practical, hands-on learning of camera skills, lighting and composition: both practice and technique. These skills are combined with the working ethos of a professional crew, and from this platform, we encourage cinematography as a visual means of storytelling. A key element in the learning process is the critical analysis of all rushes.

Documentaries are shot on an HD format camera and our digital cinema camera for drama is the Arri Alexa. While all terms shoot on location, LFS has 2 in-house studios, each equipped with lighting rigs; Fresnel, HMI and Kinoflo lamps; and Fisher dollies for the Term 4 and 5 films. During their time at the school, those students interested in becoming cinematographers will find many opportunities to explore and experiment further with their own cinematographic sensibilities.

Senior Lecturer - Zach Au Yeung: Zachary Au-Yeung is an active Director of Photography with 30 years experience working on TV Commercials, Music Videos, Documentary and Feature Films around the world, particularly in the Asia area. In the past 15 years,  Zach has also been involved in teaching Cinematography where he found new insights in his career. With his adventures in the cultural melting pots of filmmaking, he sees the importance of an open mind and curiosity for the improvement of craftmanship and persona. He is keen on sharing his knowledge and experience to young filmmakers and walking with them to explore the unexplored, with an open mind and great curiosity.

Senior Lecturer - Belinda Parsons: Belinda Parsons is an award-winning Director of Photography who has worked with production companies for all the major broadcasters, on social documentaries and TV dramas, including 3 feature lengths for S4C. She has contributed to a number of cinema shorts, and the British low budget award-winning feature film THIN ICE. Belinda was nominated for a BAFTA and awarded a Chicago Silver Hugo, and WFTV Samuelson Award for Technical Excellence.

Senior Lecturer and Interim Head Of Camera – Dom Kersey: Dom Kersey is a very experienced Director of Photography who has been working in the industry for 36 years. Starting at BBC film dept at Ealing Film studios working on major film Dramas such as ‘Bleak House’ he left to go Freelance and worked on many high-profile music promos and Commercials. He has shot Tv Drama for Channel 4, BBC and ITV children’s series ‘Bookaboo’ which won two Bafta awards. Currently, he is continuing to work on commercials and developing a new Drama series/Film with independent production company ‘Lonesome Pine Productions’.

Regular Visiting Lecturer - Terry Hopkins: Terry is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and began shooting 16mm documentaries in New York in the late 1970s. His work appeared on America's PBS, Britain's BBC and Channel 4. The trend toward incorporating dramatic recreations into documentaries provided Terry with a means of linking his love of documentaries with lighting for drama. This led to his work as Camera Operator and 2nd unit DP on 35mm feature films. Three programmes or series Terry has filmed have won Emmy Awards and two have been nominated for Academy Awards (Oscars). His last project before turning to full-time teaching was a documentary on The Rolling Stones directed by Michael Apted, a two-camera shoot on which he worked with Seamus McGarvey ASC, BSC.

Camera Equipment Manager - Lee Miles

Lighting Gaffer – Alex Slack: Born and raised in rural NSW Australia, Alex has studied a Bachelor of Fine Art and has a Master's Degree in Teaching. Alex began his career in film in the lighting warehouse for Panavision in Sydney Australia going on to join the rigging electrics crews for major motion pictures such as Moulin Rouge and The Matrix 2 & 3. Moving from film to television in the early 2000's Alex worked as a Best Boy and Lighting Director on many drama productions such as All Saints and Home and Away as well as game shows, live television including the News and breakfast television, and live sporting events. More recently Alex has been lighting the stage for theatre and comes to LFS after 2 years at the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden.

Regular Visiting Lecturer – Martyn Bray

Regular Visiting Lecturer – Philip Sindall

The department teaching staff are industry professionals, who are supported by regular visiting DoP’s, Q&A events with leading cinematographers, and a visiting DoP residency scheme, bringing working professionals into close engagement with the day-to-day teaching at the school. Recent visiting lecturers, speakers and "DoPs in Residence" include Oliver Stapleton, Seamus McGarvey, Oliver Curtis, Nina Kellgren, Nic Knowland.
LFS has an extraordinary record of camera teaching since 1956 and its Cinematography graduates include Roger Pratt, Tak Fujimoto, Howard Atherton, Ivan Strasburg, Tony Imi, Gale TattersallCurtis Clark, Ueli Steiger, Geoffrey Simpson, David Scott, Erik Wilson and Ole Bratt Birkeland. Many Alumni regularly visit the school to advise, teach, and return to provide a Masterclass at our Conversation With events.