Production Allowances

Production Allowance 

The MA Filmmaking course is made up of 6 Terms (trimesters).  There are 3 terms each year: September to December, January to April and May to July. 

The fees include all production costs for the film exercises in terms 1-5 and each student's graduation film project in term 6. 

Production Allowance payments for students in course 191 will be as follows:

Term 1 £175 (per 3 students)
Term 2 £214 (per film)
Term 3 £843 (per film)
Term 4 £1,594 (per film)
Term 5 £2,255 (per film)
Term 6 £4,544 (LFS Equity Investment – per student)

If required, you can have the option to continue for up to two additional terms to allow you to complete the graduation film, for which you will be charged a one-off continuation fee of £300. Bursary students will be charged £50 (not covered by your bursary). No additional production allowances are available for any additonal terms.