Kanchi Wichmann

Kanchi has studied and worked in film since 1992. Her independently produced short film Travelling Light (1999) was nominated for a BAFTA and came second in the Best Film category at the BBC British Short Film Festival. Her first feature Break My Fall was released in the UK in 2011 and currently has distribution in 5 territories.


Hothouse Project - Normal Love

When 17-year-old Ray returns home after a year away, she discovers her mother Annie has joined a mime troupe, taken up with a younger musician and given Ray’s possessions away. As the two women learn to live together again, they must overcome their eccentricities and find some kind of ‘normal love’.

17 year-old Ray returns home to the seaside town of her childhood hoping that her eccentric mother, Annie (36), will finally be able to provide the ‘normal love’ she craves. But following a car accident Annie has discovered that the key to her personal happiness lies in physical theatre and her days are spent preparing for her final performance with the support of Lionel, the theatre’s lighting engineer and Annie’s new boyfriend. Ray seeks distraction elsewhere – trying to reconnect with her old friends or maybe get her cafe job back, but it’s only when she sees an ad for a band needing a drummer that her passion is ignited; she sets up her old drum kit in the shed, eager to find solace from her mother’s inability to give her the attention she needs. But in order to find her self, Ray must first come to terms with Annie’s idiosyncrasies and failings as a mother. Meanwhile for Annie, Ray’s unexpected return highlights the fact that in order to pursue her exciting new life she has denied her role as mother and that her personal happiness lies in finding a way to reconcile these two conflicting identities. When Ray has to decide whether to attend her drumming audition or Annie’s final show – she finally understands that she is choosing between her short term happiness or the greater goal of liberation from her dependency on her mother. 

Director's Statement

Normal Love continues my intention to create narrative drama that communicates an emotional authenticity and exposes characters, relationships and worlds not usually shown in British cinema. My work aims for an artistic documentary style; familiar settings are naturalistic, yet also strangely beautiful. The pacing, sound design and visual composition bring the central characters’ emotional journeys alive, enabling the audience to connect with them very directly and experience the world through their eyes. My irreverent humour renders potentially serious material uncomfortably funny, yet still allows audiences to engage with the powerful drama.

Other Projects

The Ballad Of Lee and Lara

After meeting in a psychiatric hospital, Lee and Lara run away to London. Lee falls for Lara, little realising the 'straight' girl is having her own lesbian romance, but when Lee finds out and leaves, it's Lara who can't let go.