Workshop Testimonial

Jonas workshop participantsDirector Katharina List attended 'Directors' Prep' with Jonas Grimås in January 2014:

"The way Jonas Grimås teaches makes it clear that you could not have acquired the information otherwise. Sometimes you take a course and think: "I might have read the book and been just as informed". Not with Jonas. He is a truly remarkable and inspiring teacher. I have learned more about filmmaking in only two days than in the past two of years shooting on different sets.

"The course covers more than is promised in its outline. 

"Drawing upon 25 years of experience, Jonas knows what filmmaking really is about and, what’s more, he knows how to communicate it effectively. While on the one hand downright practical and covering in impressive speed all the points promised by the schedule, there was still plenty of room for the questions that the participants had. Jonas took time to answer questions and generously shared a whole range of interesting and helpful experiences with the group, providing a great variety of clear, practical examples, while at the same time offering personal and philosophical thoughts, always with a great sense of humour. 

"We got the most valuable advice about how to evaluate a script, how to cast actors, how to boil a scene down to its essence, how to make decisions (under pressure) on set, how to communicate to the various departments... etc. I was amazed by how Jonas created an atmosphere of trust and concentration that everybody felt able to share their thoughts and engage and network.  

"Looking back, the course was like a mosaic that brought together every piece that I had understood from previous film work and education - and made it make sense. 

"Director’s Prep is a very empowering course - you want to go out and direct immediately, putting into practice what you've just learned...which I did! Two weeks later I started directing my first documentary project, always keeping in mind the genuine and intuitive approach Jonas had conveyed to us. I am so glad I booked this course!"

Jonas's course at LFS:

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