Workshop Testimonial - Zillah Bowes

Documentary maker Rosie Morris attended 'Exposed! A Practical Guide to Self-Shooting Documentary' with Zillah Bowes in May 2014:

"This workshop has literally enabled me to have the confidence to practice with my camera, to go out and try things. I am now working on my own project that I have been self-shooting and am now editing.

Before the workshop I was afraid of using my camera. I didn't know how or where to start with it and didn't have the confidence to get out there, but after the exercises and Zillah's advice and encouragement, I have.

Her technical knowledge, advice and skills were all fantastic, but I also really learnt a lot from her creative advice and experience, and often think of what she said. Like, 'if you are present in the world with your camera then things will unfold in front of you'. I have definitely found this to be true. She is not just a practical and technically-able teacher (although she is that), but she understands a creative process and above all is very open - to her subjects but also to the interests and enthusiasms of her students.

Zillah is not judgemental, but is encouraging/empowering, She's sensitive to people and her environment, which I guess is what makes her a great filmmaker and teacher. I will hopefully do another of her courses in the future."

Exposed! A Beginner's Guide to Self-Shooting Documentary