Visa guidance for international participants on short courses/workshops

To participate in a short course or workshop lasting up to six months as a non-UK national, it may be necessary to obtain a Standard Visitor Visa.

Please confirm whether you require a Standard Visitor Visa here.

Further information about visiting to study with a Standard Visitor Visa.


If you do not need a visa, you still need to meet the Standard Visitor eligibility requirements to visit the UK. You may be asked questions at the UK border about your eligibility and the activities you plan to do.



·      Your short course/workshop must be completed within the duration of your visit.

·      Standard Visitor visas cannot be applied for from within the UK. If applying for another visa, you must return to your home country to do so.



Visa Nationals:

If you are a visa national, the application process involves:


·      Complete the online application form. You will need to select 'short term study (up to 6 months)' as the main reason for your visit to the UK when you complete the application form.

·      Pay the application fees for a Visitor visa.



EU/Non-visa nationals:


As an EU/non-visa national, individuals from countries exempt from visa requirements for visits of less than six months do not need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa ahead of travel. If you don’t need a visa to travel to the UK, you can apply to enter for free as a visitor when you arrive at a UK port of entry.


Opting for the eGates entails entering the UK as a Standard visitor without receiving a physical stamp in your passport. In this scenario, it is important to retain a copy of your flight booking and boarding card as evidence of your arrival date and method in the UK. This precaution is crucial to ensure compliance with the maximum six-month stay period and will be necessary for enrolment purposes.

Further information about entering the UK as an EU/non-visa national.


Additionally, certain documents are required upon arrival in the UK to present to a border officer.



Required documents for studying in the UK include:


·      a letter from London Film School confirming enrolment details. Contact if such a letter has not been received

·      a valid passport or travel identification document for the duration of the stay.

·      evidence of financial means to support oneself during the trip, including bank statements or payslips

·      Details of accommodation arrangements in the UK. If you are staying with friends and family, please include evidence

·      previous travel documents/passports

·      confirmation of legal residence, if you are not a national of the country in which you are applying or your right to reside there is not included in your passport


All documents can be originals, scans or photocopies. You will need to provide a full translation of any documents not in English or Welsh.


All documents should be carried in hand luggage in case they are requested by a Border Force Officer at the UK border. Failure to satisfy the conditions for a Standard Visitor visa or genuine visitor requirement may result in entry refusal.



What are the main conditions for a Standard Visitor visa?


·      Enrolling in a course within the visa's allowed time frame.

·      Not undertaking any form of work placement or work experience, paid or voluntary.

·      Not applying to switch into another immigration category while in the UK.

·      Ceasing studies if the Standard Visitor visa expires. The visa cannot be used for extended periods of study in the UK or with the intention to make the UK one's home.


Standard Visitor visa holders are not entitled to free National Health Service healthcare and must obtain private medical insurance from their home country before entering the UK.



Electronic Visa Waivers

For nationals of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates holding an Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) Document and wishing to study a course of six months or less, prior entry clearance is not required. Nationals of these countries who hold an EVW document can apply for permission to enter at the airport instead. Permission to enter will be granted for a period of up to 6 months.


If you are travelling on or after 22 February 2024, you will need to apply for an electronic travel authorisation (ETA) instead.


Please see more information on how to obtain an electronic visa waiver here.