Quality Assurance

Higher Education Review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)

QAA Review Graphic

The London Film School has undergone a review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and has received its final report, which is available in full at: www.qaa.ac.uk/reviews-and-reports/provider?UKPRN=10004036

We have received the following judgements from QAA:

·         The maintenance of the academic standards of awards offered on behalf of degree-awarding bodies meets UK expectations.

·         The quality of student learning opportunities is commended.

·         The quality of the information about learning opportunities meets UK expectations.

·         The enhancement of student learning opportunities meets UK expectations.

The action table that resulted from the Higher Education Review can be found below. The action plan is LFS' response to the report published by QAA and demonstrates to students, applicants, prospective students and staff how LFS intends to continue to develop its higher education provision in the context of the findings of the Higher Education Review.

Findings Actions to be Taken Date for Completion Action by Success Indicators Progress

Good Practice
The embedding of industry practice and standards throughout the School's provision, which enhances the students' learning experience (Expectations B3, A3.2, B1, B6 and Enhancement) To continuously monitor new developments in industry practice, and identify industry partners and mentors that provide extra curriculum activities to enhance the learning experience September 2017  Head of Studies
Term Tutors
Heads of Department 
Scheduled, extra-curricular activities
Student and staff feedback 
The development of a fully interactive virtual learning environment to enable comprehensive support for student learning (Expectations B3 and C)  To continuously monitor and analyse technological and pedagogical developments in the context of LFS' programmes and the opportunities for further enhancement of learning opportunities September 2017 Academic Registrar
Head of IT
Term Tutors
Heads of Department
New features and enhanced use of VLE
Student and staff feedback
The proactive and creative engagement with students to engender a strong sense of community that enables the development of their academic, personal and professional potential (Expectation B4)  To continously review current and develop new practices, in collaboration with the Students' Union, to develop students' potential September 2017 Term Tutors
Heads of Department
Personal Tutors
Student, graduate, and staff feedback
Retention and progression rates
Employability data 
The depth and industry-relevance of assessment feedback to advance student development (Expectation B6) To review the LFS Code of Practice on Assessment especially with a focus on (written) feedback given to students, the possibility of panel assessment and formal involvement of industry professionals in feedback sessions   September 2017 Academic Registrar
Head of Studies 
Findings report and/or revised policy  Draft policy considered by Academic Board on 28/07/2017 

Consolidate its strategic approach to the enhancement of student learning opportunities (Enhancement)  To consider the most appropriate means of documenting LFS' approach to the enhancement of learning opportunities, taking into consideration both current quality enhancement measures and future opportunities  March 2017 Academic Registrar
Director and CEO
Board of Governors
New policy or strategic document  Completed; LFS LFS Policy on the Enhancement of Learning Opportunities approved by Board of Governors on 08/03/2017 

The work being undertaken to embed and strengthen formal feedback to students (Expectation B5) To further develop the feedback framework and complete the guidance detailing the approach to each component of the feedback framework  July 2017 Academic Registrar Feedback framework and corresponding guidance  Framework agreed and approved by Academic Board on 10/11/2016; LFS Feedback Framework Guidance approved by Academic Board on 28/07/2017
Version July 2017