Jonas Grimås

Named Cultural Personality of the Year by the Stockholm Cultural Award in 2011, Jonas has been based in London since 1988 where he has has worked on a number of British crime dramas, including HAMISH MACBETH with Robert Carlyle, SILENT WITNESS and SECOND SIGHT: KINGDOM OF THE BLIND starring Clive Owen, HOPE AND GLORY with Lenny Henry and THE HELLO GIRLS for the BBC. He was also a regular contributor to ITV’s HEARTBEAT having directed thirty episodes.

Jonas won the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with ARTISTEN (The Artist). He was also nominated for best short film with MAROONED.

Having worked on British crime dramas, Jonas also took on a string of Swedish productions including the infamous WALLANDER films based on Henning Mankell’s novels. He directed two Wallander films, THE TRICKSTERS and THE PHOTOGRAPHER, before taking on the high profile job of turning Camilla Läckberg’s best-selling novels ISPRINSESSAN (The Ice Princess) and PREDIKANTEN (The Preacher) into television.

Jonas completed MIKE THE MIDWIFE, a comedy pilot for Channel Four, IGNOBLE NIGHT, based on Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline, LOVE AND LUST ACCORDING TO MEISNER and a string of observational documentaries: 300, FAKING IT, ELGAR'S TROMBONE, A SHOT OF GLASS, DELPHINE'S TOP and PAINTING EURYDICE. He has also transferred the stage plays LOCKED UP and FORE! and a concert performance of Mozart’s THE MAGIC FLUTE to the screen and, since 2008, made 120 short films under the title MY UNEVENTFUL LIFE.

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