Summer School FAQ - What are the age restrictions for?

What are the age restrictions for?

Until 2015 we were offering just one summer programme. As a result, the level of experience among the particpants was quite varied. In 2015, for the first time, we offered two Summer Schools with the specific aim of creating two groups of filmmakers whose knowledge and experience are more closely aligned.

Those with little (or no) practical filmmaking experience are encouraged to consider the 2-week Beginners programme. For applicants aged 18-22 years, this will almost certainly be the most appropriate course, but not necessarily.

For those with some experience behind them, we recommend our 3-week course with Udayan Prasad. This course is not restricted to those with on-set credentials or technical knowhow; participants could be post grads, have an extensive work history or a background in a different creative field.

Everyone has their own journey! The last thing we want is to do is "put you in a box" before we've met you. If you need some help in choosing which course to apply for, please contact us for advice.